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  • Seatravel takes pride in offering the best prices on high quality yacht charters. With our expertise and experience we can assist you with renting the perfect sailboat and if you wish, finding flights that matches your yacht charter. 

    We have sailboats available worldwide and can assist groups of all sizes and budgets - in the Mediterranean our most popular destinations are Greece, Croatia, but our staff has also travelled extensively in more exotic destinations such as the Caribbean, the Pacific and Thailand, and will be able to give you the best advice.

    Remeber: Yacht Charters are not just for people who can sail themselves. We can also arrange that you have your own skipper aboard, who, besides being able to sail the boat, also has deep knowledge of the local area.

    Seatravel are proud members of the Danish Travel Guarantee Fund.

    We are a Scandinavian agents for The Moorings, Sunsail, Kavas, Kiriacoulis, Navigare Yachting, Dream Yacht Charter, Sun Charter and NCP.

  • Seatravel specialize in boating holidays and canal trips throughout Europe.

    Finding and renting the right one is now even easier with our new website - we offer a price match guarantee on all boats and destinations. On your journey down the river you will experience all the natural and seeing areas in a whole new way. Experience everything from the water as you glide through cities and spectacular landscapes. A boating holiday is a perfect holiday choice for those who want to experience something different and exciting! Boat vacation is ideal for sightseeing and gives you and your family experiences that it is impossible to obtain any other way.

    You can choose to sail on rivers or canals - the canal are artificially made back in the 1800s, while the rivers have always been there and winds through the landscape - both have their advantages. River navigation provides a very natural glimpse of the beautiful scenery, but river traffic is also more exposed to currents and flooding than canal trips.

    Sailing a riverboat is easy even for the novice. To navigate on a riverboat is a breeze and after the introduction on arrival you will be well set to be the skipper!

    Seatravel have particular riverboats from the following operators: Le Boat, Nicols, Locaboat and Black Prince Narrowboats.

    The boats are ready to hire in the following countries: France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, England, Ireland and Scotland.


  • Lagoon 39 - a favorite among sailors

    Lagoon 39 - a favorite among sailors

    Lagoon 39 is a favorite among many reviewers - there is a variety of reasons, including its innovative design, interesting details and fine sailing qualities. The fact that it also is a beautiful vessel gives it the finishing touch.

  • Jump on board and enjoy a virtual trip on Canal du Midi

    Jump on board and enjoy a virtual trip on Canal du Midi

    Canal du Midi - one of the most popular areas for riverboat sailing in France. Along the Canal du Midi are beautiful castles, vineyards and quaint villages - gastronomy, culture and relaxation, mix your holiday on the water as you want. See how a riverboat holiday could look like in this video - Click here for more info.

  • Hire a skipper for your holiday on a yacht charter

    Hire a skipper for your holiday on a yacht charter

    Do you have a dream about discovering the Caribbean, the Pacific or other exotic places aboard a yacht? Maybe you feel that you lack some sailing experience or maybe you just want a yacht charter, where you have the possibility to relax and enjoy the trip. The solution could be to hire a skipper.

  • Gypsies pilgrimage in Camargue

    Gypsies pilgrimage in Camargue

    Every May gypsies travel to Saintes-Meries for a festival in honor of the Black Madonna - a pilgrimage of gypsies. It is a really interesting experience, which we recommend you to see if you are on a boating holiday in Camargue in May. 

  • Good restaurants on your sea route in Dubrovnik

    Good restaurants on your sea route in Dubrovnik

    Are you going on a yacht charter in Croatia this summer? If you are and you are planning to pass by the area around Dubrovnik we have some suggestions on which restaurants to eat at. Here is something for everyone - for both the captain and sailors.

  • Split - a city for both seafarers and landlubbers

    Split - a city for both seafarers and landlubbers

    A yacht charter in the Adriatic Sea near Split offers many exciting experiences - here you can explore Split's historical center, where the remains of Diocletian's Roman Palace can be admired.