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At Seatravel we make holiday-dreams come true. With more than 25 years of experience in the sail- and riverboating industry we consider ourselves experts in the field of boat renting in the Nordic countries. Despite our Danish heritage and geographical placement, we cater to customers from Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, and the Faroe Islands and we take pride in our ability to guide all our guests and make sure they get the perfect holiday.

As the main agent for some of the world’s largest boat renting companies, we have access to more than 2000 riverboats in Europe and 4000 sailboats worldwide. With such a large variety of boats we feel confident in guaranteeing that no matter your needs and preferences, we have the perfect boat to fit your needs. Whether you dream of a calming riverboating vacation where you glide along gentle canals that lead you through beautiful scenic landscapes or if you prefer the open water, we are always available with good advice and consulting for your next holiday.

Besides being specialists in the field of boat renting, we are always available when it comes to other parts of your vacation as well. We will gladly help you book a flight round return, a vehicle on your destination, or book the perfect hotel for your needs. Needless to say, there are many ways for you to tailor your next sail- or riverboat vacation and we will gladly help you along the way.

We would also like to remind you that we have a price guarantee on all our boats and that we are a member of the Danish Travel Guarantee Fond (no. 206). We also offer a Money-back Guarantee on all our package deals which ensures that you will get your money refunded if your vacation is cancelled due to the effects of COVID-19.


Riverboat vacations – no experience needed

A riverboating vacation is a pleasant, unique, and easy way of vacationing and it does not require any previous sailing experience. When you arrive at the base you will get a thorough introduction to the do’s and don’ts of sailing, containing an explanation of how to sail, how the water gates work and an explanation of the different unique features your specific boat has. Furthermore, you will be offered an opportunity to go on a short test sail with the experienced staff at the base. That way you will have the opportunity to ask questions if you have any before take-off. Afterwards, you are free to begin your sailing adventure where the riverboat acts as both your home and your primary form of transportation during the entire vacation – basically like a floating camper.

Sailing a riverboat is playfully simple. Even the children can take part in the fun – under the supervision of an adult. That makes a riverboating vacation the perfect family get-away. Regardless of whether you prefer the peaceful and beautiful surroundings of the outdoors, the vibrant and busy big cities or the history and local culinary experiences of smaller towns, you will have complete freedom to tailor your adventure exactly how you please. For this reason, we consider riverboating holidays to be among the most relaxing and enjoyable vacation forms.

Other than returning the boat to the base at the chosen end-date, you do not have to worry about anything. All that is left for you to do is to relax and enjoy yourself in the company of your travelling companions.

Are you intrigued – maybe even dreaming of your next vacation? Rent a riverboat through Seatravel and let your dreams become reality. You can read more about all the riverboat vacations Seatravel offers here.


A broad selection of riverboats

Seatravel is an agent for six different boat operators who all offer a different selection of riverboats around Europe. The broad selection of boats ensures that you have the best possible opportunities to find the perfect boat to fit your needs. The riverboats come in all kinds of sizes and shapes where each of them is specially customized to fit both the customer and the location in which they sail. As an example, you can explore England and Scotland in a classic English narrowboat. This type of boat has been used as freight transportation since the 18th century. You can also enjoy a pleasant journey through southern Europe in a cruiser which a classic, modern, and motor-driven riverboat.

Regardless of history, shape or size, all the Seatravel riverboats have a couple of things in common; they are always well equipped, comfortable and have all the necessary facilities such as kitchen, bathroom and bedroom to make your vacation pleasant and stress-free.

The boat sizes range from 2-12 people so whether you are a couple, a family, or a large group of friends we have a just the right riverboat for you. You even have the option to bring two pets against a small fee if you want to.

A riverboating vacation is a wonderful form of vacation regardless of the budget or crew size. You can read more about the different types of riverboats on the Seatravel website.


Glide along the rivers and canals of Europe and Canada

At Seatravel we offer riverboating vacations both in Europe and in Canada. So, whether you want to feel the romance blossom on the Italian canals, enjoy the nature and history along the English rivers or something else, is entirely up to you. There are many different options, and we will gladly help you find the perfect destination for your next riverboat vacation. Below this section, you can gather some inspiration for the location of your next riverboating holiday.

  • France
    On a riverboating vacation in France you can expect a relaxed, yet highly cultural experience combined with a plethora of delicious foods and world-famous wines. If you purchase your vacation through Seatravel you will be able to choose between 11 different areas in France to sail in, all of which provide a different view of this amazing country. You can either choose to sail in the northern region where you will experience the beautiful and pleasant Alsace or the exquisite castle wineries in the scenic Burgundy, or in the sunny-south where Aquitaine and the famous Canal du Midi is located.

  • Germany
    On a riverboating vacation in Germany, you should prepare to be enchanted by the incredibly beautiful scenery. You will be able to choose from two different types of areas. You can either choose to visit the north-eastern region around Mecklenburg where you can explore the history of the rural, medieval towns, or you can enjoy the peace and quiet of Brandenburg and visit the impressive nature reserve that is home to no less than 15 protected areas.

  • England and Wales
    On a riverboating vacation in England and Wales, you can experience a wide variety of beautiful scenery, medieval castles, and pleasant pubs. The country is home to a wide variety of rivers and canals which offers many different opportunities when it comes to tailoring your riverboating vacation. You can either choose to focus on the larger cities and experience the culture and history, or you can choose to focus on the beautiful nature.

  • The Netherlands
    If you prefer colourful sceneries, historical traditions and fine cheeses you should consider a riverboating vacation in the Netherlands. You can look forward to sailing past colourful fields covered in beautiful tulips, charming windmills, and old fishing villages where it feels as if time has stood still for centuries. If you prefer to focus on the modern parts of the country, you have the option to visit the larger cities wherein you will find museums, lively squares, and exquisite culinary experiences.

  • Scotland
    You can also go on a riverboating vacation in Scotland where you can choose between two different areas that offer different sailing experiences. You can either sail through the Caledonian Canal where you will be met with a plethora of amazing sceneries with winding hills, clear lakes, and deep valleys. Alternatively, you can choose riverboating vacation in the area around Falkirk, where you will experience the cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow both of which will take you on a ride through their rich histories.
  • Italy
    Experience the romantic and charismatic city of Venice or the peaceful and beautiful Friuli region on a riverboating vacation in Italy. The two regions are wildly different but both very charming. You can either choose to set sail Venice, a city known for its gondolas and view of the famous Bridge of Sighs, or you can head north of Venice where you can visit pleasant bathing resorts and golf courses.

  • Ireland
    Experience the beautiful River Shannon and its mesmerizing surroundings on a riverboating vacation in Ireland. The region is filled with majestic mountains, romantic valleys, and Celtic castles, and is also a paradise for those who enjoy angling. If you are ever in need of a break from sailing, you can visit one of the country’s many pubs and try some of the famous Irish whiskey.

  • Canada
    Europe is not the only place for amazing riverboat vacations. The beautiful nature and rivers of North America are equally suiting for a riverboating holiday. On a riverboating vacation in Canada, you will experience a mixture of pleasant canals, wild rivers, beautiful nature, charming villages and amazing wildlife. 

You can read more about all the riverboating destinations we offer in Europe and North America here.



Sailboat vacations – adventures on the ocean

If you prefer the freedom of the open water, you should consider chartering a yacht for your next holiday. Through Seatravel you can charter sailboats anywhere in the world. Whether you prefer the white sandy beaches in the Caribbean, the blazing heat in Thailand, the extraordinary culinary experiences in Greece or the pleasant winds in Scandinavia, we will surely be able to find the perfect destination and sailboat for you.

On a charter yacht vacation, you are in control of the pacing, course, and destinations and you will be able to tailor your holiday to fit your every need. Many of our destinations offer excellent opportunities for snorkelling and scuba diving, while others focus more on visiting the pleasant and lively ports and the exquisite culinary experiences they offer. Whichever type of vacation you prefer we will be with you every step of the way to ensure you get the holiday of your dreams.

You can either choose to charter a yacht through Seatravel and plan the rest yourself, or you can choose to consult with us and we will help you with the arrangement of transportation, hotels and a skipper if needed.

You can read more about the details of a sailboat vacation on our website. 


Sail on your own or with a skipper

Are you an avid sailor who has experience sailing on the open ocean, or a first-timer with a dream of chartering a beautiful yacht? If you are a beginner there is one thing you must consider before booking your next holiday. Sailing a yacht on the open ocean requires a Certificate of Competency. The specific rules and regulations of the chosen destination will be disclosed during the booking process.

However, a holiday on the open ocean is not just for the most experienced sailors. If you do not have a certificate, you have the option of booking a crewed charter with local sailors who will be giving you pointers to the best restaurants, the best anchorages and the best places to watch the sunset. If you book a crewed charter you can enjoy the freedom, the pleasant breeze and all the other joys of sailing without having to do any of the work.

Regardless of whether you have years of experience it can still be a good idea to consider hiring a skipper and perhaps even a hostess on your next sailing vacation. With the aid of a local crew, you will not have to worry about planning or cooking – all you will have to do is relax and enjoy your vacation.


See the world with Seatravel

At Seatravel we offer yacht chartering across the world. You can explore Scandinavia, visit the Caribbean, Asia, or the lovely Mediterranean Sea – your options are limitless, and each region has its own specific niche and charm. If you need inspiration for your next holiday you can read more about a selection of our destinations below.

  • Denmark
    On a sailboat vacation in Denmark, you can experience parts of the beautiful Danish nature that goes along the 7000 km of coastline around the country. Sail from our base in Juelsminde and go on an adventurous journey through the protected areas of Denmark. Due to the relatively small size of the country, you will find that you will not have to sail too far between your adventures. In our humble opinion, the best way to experience the wonders of the Danish region is by sailing. 

  • Germany
    Germany is such an underrated destination for sailing. A sailboat vacation in Germany is both easily accessible, beautiful, and riddled with nice facilities around the marinas. You can either choose to explore parts of Northern Germany, or you can move closer to Denmark and explore the islands around Fyn or the Small-land Waterway between Lolland and Falster. If you are feeling particularly adventurous, you can sail to Bornholm, which offers an entirely different experience.

  • The Mediterranean Sea
    The Mediterranean Sea is an oasis of lovely locations for sailing. As an example, you can charter a sailboat from one of the following countries:
    • Croatia
      To rent a sailboat in Croatia is a genuine adventure in the Adriatic Sea. This paradise for sailing is home to more than 1700 km of coastline and more than 700 islands. Here you will find mild sailing conditions, short distances between cities and amazing bays with fantastic bathing and snorkelling. If you are considering Croatia as the location for your next holiday, we suggest sailing in the areas around Pula, Split or Dubrovnik.
    • Greece
      Charter a yacht in Greece and explore the historical villages, charming architecture, narrow streets, and incredible nature of this beautiful country. If you enjoy snorkelling, Greece offers excellent conditions for this type of activity as well. A sailing vacation between the Greek islands fits most people and we guarantee you will not regret travelling here.
    • Turkey
      Charter a sailboat in Turkey and experience the magical destination where the East meets the West. When you arrive, you will be pleasantly surprised by the hospitality and kindness of the local people here. Turkey is less touristy than other destinations in the Mediterranean which makes it fairly easy to find and explore unspoiled locations rich with nature, peace and quiet. Regardless of where in Turkey you decide to sail, you will always be able to find exciting new places to explore.
  • The Caribbean
    Welcome to a true tropical paradise. On a sailboat vacation in the Caribbean you will be met with the calming Caribbean atmosphere, the beauty of the palm trees as they are graced by the wind, the white, sandy beaches, and the glittering waves of the Caribbean Sea. This is just part of what makes the Caribbean an amazing place to sail. Furthermore, the pleasant temperatures make this destination an amazing place to scuba dive.

There are endless opportunities for your next sailing adventure and you can read more about all our sailing destinations here.


Large selection of boats

Seatravel has the largest selection of yachts in the North. As a Scandinavian agent for a long list of boat operators such as The Moorings, Sunsail, Navigare Yachting, Dream Yacht Charter, Kavas, Kiriacoulis and NCP you have a wide variety of boats to choose from when planning your next yacht charter adventure.

Whether you prefer a shiny new yacht that has all the luxuries you will ever need or an older classic, we have just the right boat for you. Our boats are between 30 and 60 feet in length, with between 2 and 7 cabins and the possibility to provide housing for over 12 people.

Read more about our most popular sailboats here.




  • Who is Seatravel?
    Seatravel is a Danish travelling agency that specializes in the renting of riverboats around Europe and sailboats all around the world. We are the leading boat rental agency in the Nordic countries and cater to customers from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, and the Faroe Islands.
    Seatravel is a member of The Travel Guarantee Fund (no. 206) and we always offer a price guarantee on all our boats.
  • What is a riverboat?
    A riverboat is a motor-driven boat designed to sail on the rivers and canals. Riverboats come in all kinds of different types, models and sizes and can be chartered through Seatravel and our partnered boat operators.
  • Where can I go on a riverboating vacation?
    With Seatravel you can go on riverboating vacations in 10 different countries in either Europe or North America.
  • How much experience is needed to sail a riverboat?
    A riverboat is very easy to sail and does not require any kind of certificate or previous sailing experience.
  • What is a sailboat?
    A sailboat is a specific type of boat that is either partially or entirely driven by the force of the wind depending on the type. A sailboat is smaller than a ship and comes in a wide variety of types, sizes, and price ranges.
  • Where can I go on a sailboat vacation?
    With Seatravel you can go on sailboat vacations in over 20 different countries around the world. As an example, you can choose between a multitude of destinations in the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, Scandinavia, and Asia. 
  • How much experience is needed to sail a sailboat?
    As a minimum, sailing a sailboat requires a Certificate of Competency and a fair bit of experience. The specific rules and regulations of the chosen destination will be disclosed during the booking process.
  • Can I go on a sailboat vacation without previous experience?
    Yes – if you do not have any kind of previous experience or a Certificate of Competency, you have the option to charter a crew that can sail the boat for you.