Sea-Travel ApS Terms and Conditions
Please also read individual operator's T&C

RESERVATION / PAYMENT / CANCELLATION: Seatravel operates solely as an intermediary for reputable and recognised collaborative partners. The reservation becomes binding upon timely payment of the 1st rate. The 1st rate normally constitutes 40% of the tour price – the remaining amount is due for payment 7 weeks before departure. These payment deadlines must be complied with if the reservation is to be kept. Any paid amounts are not refundable in the event of cancellation, changes in the travel arrangements, or non-compliance with the payment terms.

PRICES: The tour price is given in Danish kroner or euros - for places for the maximum specified number of people. The prices are based on currently applicable tariffs, taxes, levies, and exchange rates. We take no responsibility for changes that are outside of our influence or printing errors.

SAILING EXPERIENCE: The renting of a canal barge does not normally require sailing certification or sailing experience (except for certain routes in Germany and Alsace, France). There must be at least two people over 18 years of age to a party to be able to rent a canal barge. When renting a sailboat or motor cruiser on open seas, it is required for at least one person on board to have an International Certificate of Competence (ICC) and for at least two of those on board to have sailing experience. In Croatia, it is also required that at least one person has a radio license. It is a requirement that there are two adults of minimum 21 years of age on board. It is always the individual boat rental operator’s rules which apply.

BREAKAGES / OMISSIONS: If, as a traveller, you discover omissions, damage or breakages to the boat or its equipment, you must contact the boathouse immediately for assistance and on-site repair. Remember that staff in the locality will do all they can to ensure you have a good sailing holiday – once you have returned home it’s too late! A subsequent complaint will not be accepted if our collaborative partner has not been allowed to correct the matter on site when it appeared. Repairs of damage may only take place with the boathouse’s acceptance. If due to technical reasons/damage, the boat you ordered is not at your disposal, our collaborative partner will attempt to have another boat of equivalent standard and size available for you. See also the terms and conditions of the individual collaborative partner.

BOAT INSURANCE: The boats are fully insured following the contract terms and conditions and the laws in that country – albeit with the excess stipulation. As the traveller, you will incur the excess fee in the event of breakages to the boat, its equipment or damage to your own or another boat that occurs during the rental period. The size of the excess varies depending on the size of the boat and the terms of our collaborative partner.

TECHNICAL SERVICE / RESPONSIBILITY: It is your obligation as a traveller:

a) to bring with you the necessary documents such as passport, sailing certification/documents, insurance, etc.
b) to inform the boathouse personnel in the event of delayed arrival/hand-over.
c) to comply with the rules and instructions given by the boathouse personnel and the local authorities.
d) to inform the boathouse immediately in the event of grounding or accident.

Night sailing and tug assistance are not permitted. While sailing, the renter is always welcome to contact the boathouse for assistance as well as tips and advice.

LIABILITY: We do not accept liability for any changes to the sailing holiday which lie outside of our control, e.g. for one-way sailing, changes to sailing routes, lock closures and repairs, changes in sailing conditions due to inclement weather, strong winds, strikes, local holidays and similar. Floods or draughts and thus regulations can occur – especially on rivers, where areas must be closed off to sailing for everyone’s safety, or where changes must be made to the permitted sailing area/times. This cannot be predicted until the very last minute – and does not give the traveller the right to a refund or cancellation of the lease. See our collaborative partners’ terms and conditions. We draw attention to the fact that residing and sailing on the boats is undertaken at the traveller’s own risk.

Seatravel operates as an intermediary for reputable airlines and collaborative partners and is not responsible for any delays, acts of neglect, changes in times, prices, airport taxes, specifications, local taxes, currency fluctuations, weather conditions, cancellations or force majeure-like incidences, for all the individual aspects of the trip offered – incidences which could not have been foreseen at the time of the ordering of the trip, mitigated or averted. This applies whether the holiday has been arranged by Seatravel or by yourself as the traveller.

We draw attention to the fact that travel with scheduled or charter flights, trains, buses or ferries is subject to individual terms and conditions for the respective companies or travel operators and are thus outside of Seatravel´s control, in that we operate solely as an intermediary.

FLIGHT TICKETS & HOTEL RESERVATIONS: Seatravel offers, for a handling fee, assistance with the reservation of flight tickets and hotel reservations. In connection with the stringent checks in airports and the issuance of new biometric passports, when making flight reservations we must strongly emphasise that:

a) The name on the flight ticket and the name on the passport MUST match.
b) The full and correct name, date of birth and gender must be provided in writing to us with the flight reservation.
c) The name on a ticket cannot be altered once the ticket has been issued.
d) An altered name – even just a single letter – often means cancellation and subsequently a new reservation.
e) Once the ticket has been issued, neither the destination nor the time and date can be changed.

It is the responsibility of the traveller to stay informed of the current political situation in the destination of choice, as well as the health, environmental and climate conditions there. The rules for luggage, hand luggage, security, passports, visas and vaccinations should/must be checked on the airport’s website before departure. It is the traveller’s responsibility to ensure they have a valid passport and visa in time and that they have obtained any vaccinations needed. For certain destinations, it is required that passports are valid from 3-6 months after arrival at the destination. There can also be special requirements for non-EU citizens. It is the responsibility of the traveller to stay informed of these requirements, just as it is the traveller’s responsibility to keep updated on any changes in flight departure and times before and during the trip.

TRAVEL GUARANTEE: Seatravel is registered with the Travel Guarantee Fund - Rejsegarantifonden, 753

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