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Black Prince Narrowboat Holiday is named after Edward, the first prince of Wales, and is known for their long, narrow canal boats. Enjoy the stunning nature of Wales, England, and Scotland from the waterside on one of the beautifully decorated narrowboats.

What is a Narrowboat?

A Narrowboat is – as the name suggests – a small boat, that traditionally was used for transporting goods on the narrow canals of England and Wales in the 18th, 19th, and 20th century. The small tunnels and locks of the canals were often no more than 7 ft (2,13 m) wide, which limited the possible size of the boats. The same limitation is applied to the modern Narrowboat, which makes up for the narrow width with its impressing length of 72 ft (22 m).

The modern Narrowboat has a bigger aft deck than the traditional one had, thus freeing the skipper from sitting alone. The modern Narrowboats typically has a little terrace in front of the boat. The terrace allows all the passengers to enjoy the sun from this spot. On the inside, the Narrowboat has a living room with opportunities for seated dining for all passengers onboard. Moreover, the boat has a fully equipped kitchen, one or more electric toilets and baths, and a sleeping area with comfortable beds. Black Prince Narrowboat Holiday’s boats contain everything you will need for a pleasant and comfortable boating holiday.

Black Prince has built a whole navy of modern boats, which are fitted for modern needs. The boats have a DVD- and CD-player and a television. In case you never tried a boating holiday like this before, you immediately need to sign up for renting one! Do not worry – you will be thoroughly introduced to your Narrowboat before departure.

The boats are available in different sizes ranging from 2-10 persons. The Princess 2 or Duchess 2 is recommended to a couple, as these boats are equipped with a double bed, a nice kitchen, and a small living room. A small family of 2 adults and 2 kids would fit well into a Princess 4, Duchess 4, Shakespeare 4 or Lautrec 4 (all with 2 bedrooms). Larger families and groups of friends are recommended the Countess 6, Duchess 6, and Duchess 8.

Free WIFI on Black Prince Narrowboats
Black Prince now offers 2 GB free WIFI on all their Narrowboats. Please note that it is not possible to guarantee continuous WIFI coverage in all areas.   

Please, feel free to contact us with any questions regarding boating holidays with a narrowboat!

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