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Nicols' fleet consists of nearly 500 riverboats and is distributed across 26 bases; 19 in France, two in Germany, one in Portugal, two in Holland and two in Hungary. They have 5 different series of boat models:  Estivale, Confort, Sedan, Primo and Riviera.

Nicols is a 100% French enterprise and was founded in 1986. They even have their own boatyard where their fleet is designed and developed with customers' requests and feedback as a guideline. The constant adaptation to customer requirements is one of Nicols' great strengths.

Estivale is a real gem of a boat that combines the best of the earlier models with all the comfort and elegance appreciated by the discerning sailor. Among other things are the large terraces - with plenty of room for a delicious homemade dinner - very popular and attractive. And the small terrace in the bow fits perfect for a small cosy coffee and a glass of wine. Estivale boats are available in six sizes, and with them, you can go on a river cruise in France, Germany and Portugal.

The Confort range features four different sizes and is furnished with comfortable and spacious cabins. These riverboats are sleek and modern and have a sunken terrace in front. They offer the maximum comfort for the whole crew and also, each stateroom has en suite bathroom. Comfort can be sailed in all three countries.

Riverboats from the Sedan-line feature a unique salon with large windows and from the lounge, you can get out to a nice open terrace, which invites you to enjoy meals and the beautiful weather. Also, this type of boat has interior and exterior steering position, so the crew can always be together. This type of boat is available in nine sizes and can be rented in France, Germany and Portugal.

Primo is available in one size and is perfect for a couple or a small family with 2 adults and 1 child. Also, it is ideal for the first riverboat holiday for a reasonable price – but the low price of this boat is not equal to less comfort. It is a simple and elegant boat with ample space both in the salon and on the terrace. The boat is modern with a sunroof in the saloon, inspired by the car and the ocean-going boats.

Riviera is Nicols' economy class line. It has onboard comfort at reasonable prices. If you are a larger group and have never been on a boat charter before, this is the ideal type. It is available in three sizes and has a nice large lounge and comfortable cabins. Also, this boat has a sunroof in the saloon and can be rented in France.

No matter what type of boat you order, we will do everything to ensure that I get a nice boating holiday experience. Aboard Nicols' boats is everything you´ll need for a river boating holiday such as bed linen, duvets and pillows, kitchen equipment, radio, CD player and patio furniture (on request). However, you must remember that with Nicols you need to bring towels and tea towels with you. It is also possible to rent a pool for the boat, which is very popular if there are children aboard, and bikes if you want to explore the areas around the rivers.

Should you have any questions about a boating vacation on a Nicols boat, please feel free to contact us.

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