Greece is known for its long and comprehensive history and for that reason Greece has the unofficial title as the cradle of Western Civilization. This might be the reason why Greece often loses to Croatia, when it comes to being the most popular sailing destination in Europe. But that’s a shame! Greece is a lot more than its history, and it is truly on of Europe’s best and sailing destinations. Therefore, we present you with 8 reasons why you should choose Greece as your next sailing destination.


1. Beautiful architecture

Experience the beauty of the traditional Greek houses that are painted white and have blue roofs. On a stroll you will find that a new beautiful view is presented to you at every corner you turn. You find the Greek architecture that is so easy recognizable, on the island of Kos and the surrounding islands in the Dodecanese as well as in the Cyclades, of which the island Santorini is a true gem.

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2. Amazing bays and beaches

Explore the cozy bays and enjoy the white sandy beaches that encourages relaxation in amazing surroundings. Sail on an adventure and find your favorite beach

Find your boat and explore the bays and sandy beaches 


3. The calm culture

Experience the calm Greek culture and get a sense of the “old” Greece, which continues to thrive today. For example, the town Hydra that is a must see on your sailing holiday in the Saronic Gulf. In this town you can experience how all goods are still transported on the back of pack animals.You can walk to the ferry early in the morning, when all of the fresh goods arrive at the island and are carried by pack animals through the maze of narrow streets and stairs.

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4. Exiting caves

Several places along the dramatic rocky coast of the Ionian islands allows you to explore exciting caves. The blue caves along the coast of Zakynthos are a spectacular sight. The caves are named after the clear blue water, which makes everything beneath the surface look blue, including people. Remember your snorkel so you can explore life below the surface.

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5.The Greek kitchen

As part of the Mediterranean region, Greece offers a delicious and tasty cuisine based on fresh food, where fruits and vegetables are plucked from the hillsides and the fish is caught and served on the same day. 

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6.Colorful snorkeling

The Greek archipelago is a great snorkeling destination. The clear blue water and countless calm bays offer plenty of opportunity to snorkel and experience life under the sea. Enjoy the sight of colorful fish, coral and squid and if you are lucky – a sea turtle.

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7. Iconic landscapes

The landscape in Greece is in a class of its own, and have been portrayed in big cinematic movies several of times. One of the most iconic settings is the small church on top of a rock on the small island Skopelo, located in The Sporades.

Find your boat and experience the beautiful landscape in Greece



8. Ancient Athen

Your sailing holiday will often begin in Athens, if you are sailing in the Saronic Gulf. In Athens you can explore the ruins of Athens, Parthenon and Acropolis. The ruins are located on a rocky outcrop above the city of Athens.

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