If you do not know already where to enjoy the summer, you can find inspiration in our cave guide to five of beautiful destinations the Mediterranean.

Bisevo, Kroatien
The Blue Cave 

On the croatian island Biveso that is known as one of the wonders in The Dalmatian Archipelago, you find The Blue Cave. The island has a total of 10 caves, and The Blue Cave is the most impressive cave of them all. Visit the cave just before noon when the water is calm, and the sun is at its highest. This causes the rays of sun to hit an opening under the water that flows into the cave. The sapphire blue ocean glimpses beautifully in pink and silver nuances. It is also possible to have an unforgettable experience by diving into the beautiful water or go snorkeling. Biveso is located close to Vis in central Croatia. The sailing area around the island is like a Mediterranean paradise with its wonderful nature, lovely white sandy beaches and charming old villages.

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Vis, Croatia
The Green Cave

Near the southern coast of Vis lies the small island Ravnik, where you find The Green Cave - another beautiful cave of the The Dalmatian Archipelago.  The two openings leading into the cave are larger that most and this makes the cave easier to find. Inside the cave it is possible to enjoy how the silver and green nuances are reflected and illuminates the water. Ravnik is a small and uninhabited island and is mostly known for The Green Cave. The Green Cave is worth a visit if you are on a sailing holiday in central Croatia.

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Sunken City, Turkey
The cave by Kaleücagiz

In the area by Kaleücagiz in the Kekova region and the sunken city of Kekova, you find a beautiful cave. Inside the cave you can enjoy the many shades that is formed by the sunlight reflecting on the walls of the cave.  The cave is known as the pirate cave, because back in the days the he location of the cave made it possible for pirates to hide and wait for a merchant vessel to pass by. It is also worth visiting the town Kas and the sunken city of Kekova in the nearby area.

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Paxos, Grækenland
The Ypapanti Cave

On the island of Paxos in Greece you can find many impressive caves, which is what the Ionian Islands are known for. The largest and most spectacular cave is the Ypapanti cave on the south side of the island. We can recommend an explorative visit to the island. Legend says that the cave in Paxos iswhere Poseidon hid his wife, while he was away protecting the The Ionian Sea. Paxos and the neighboring island Antipaxos are both Greek gems that you cannot miss on a visit to the area. The both have fabulous beaches, crystal clear water and exiting hiking routes.

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Filicudi, Italien
Bue Marino

On the Southside of the Island Filicudi you find Bue Marino, the largest cave in the Aeolian Islands. Drop anchor and go on an adventure in the cave. You can hear the sound from the waves that makes the special noise, which resembles the call of an ox. You can experience the impressive and almost magical vision from the sun reflecting its light in the vaults of the cave.

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