Boating holiday on a Riverboat in Ireland

One of the world's most popular destinations for boating holidays is Ireland - once you have been here on a canaltrip on the Irish rivers Shannon and Erne you will understand why. Impressive landscapes, an atmosphere steeped in mystery and lively evenings at the local pubs.

Surrounding the Irish rivers Shannon and the Erne you will find a vast network of lakes. It is easy to navigate these rivers and lakes, making Ireland a popular destination for boating holidays. The Irish landscape consists of rolling green hills, where you can see the quaint villages. The water you will experience here is crystal clear and has some of the cleanest water you can find in Europe. The nature surrounding the river can be explored on foot or by bicycle. Stop by a local pub and enjoy true Irish atmosphere, where local musicians play the lokal folk music.

Besides the beautiful landscapes you can explore the Irish historic castles, Celtic monuments and imposing stately homes, which is still surrounded by a certain mystique. Lough Key Forest and Leisure Park is an attraction for the whole family regardless of weather conditions, and is a golden opportunity for the playful souls.

When you sail on the river Shannon, it is hard not to stop the sail trip and meet the Irish people. They are very welcoming and happy - always ready to greet you when you float down the river on a riverboat. During the Irish summer there will also be many festivals and events which you can visit if you get the urge to experience the Irish atmosphere on ground.

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