Yacht Charter at Split - sail holiday

Traditionally Split is associated with Diocletian's Roman palace in 305 BC, but the city was actually founded by the Greeks some 400 years before our era. The historic center of Split is built around the remains of Diocletian's palace from Roman times. You only need to wander the city to discover this, but you can also visit the excavated remains of the palace basement. The palace has well-preserved streets and is enriched with some gothic buildings and other buildings from the Renaissance, and these fit perfectly there. The palace has four imposing gates, and it is probably the best preserved Roman palace at all.

Diocletian's Palace (UNESCO World Heritage): The palace was built as a massive building a bit like a Roman military fort. They are located next to the water with the south side and the walls 170 to 200m long and 15-20m high and encircled an area of 38.000m2. The palace was completed in 305 AD and Emperor Diocletian abdicated voluntarily, as the first Roman emperor.


Other attractions worth visiting on your boating holiday:

St. Duje's Cathedral - was originally built around 305 BC as a mausoleum for the Roman emperor Diocletan (it is the oldest cathedral in the world). The Cathedral is a beautiful blend of a Roman temple and a Catholic church, and it also has a beautiful bell tower, which offers a stunning panoramic view of Split and the surrounding islands.

Peristil Square (Peristylium) - the largest square in Diocletian's palace with well-preserved Roman architecture.

Jupiter's temple - an ancient Roman temple, which is transformed into St. John's Church.

2 original Egyptian sphinxes - one located at Peristil Square and the other in front of Jupiter Temple / St. John Church. They were brought from Egypt by the Roman emperor Diocletian.

Riva is the city's promenade. Since 2007, Riva had a new modern look, which many people like.

Varoš - is one of the oldest parts of the city. Previously lived mainly fishermen and farmers. Here's charming streets and beautiful little houses.

Galerija Meštrović - a gallery with works by Ivan Meštrović - a famous Croatian sculptor.

The Archaeological Museum - the oldest museum in Croatia. It is about 20 minutes walk from the old town.

Getski vrtal, Dominisova street is the smallest park in Split located inside the Diocletian's palace (the only green area within the city walls).

The city of Split is definitely worth a visit - and not only for the people interested in history. You can sail to Split in your yacht or take one of the tourist ferries that go regularly from multiple locations including Trogir.

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