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Money-Back Guarantee

While 2020 has brought a great deal of uncertainty to all travel plans in 2020, there is no need to worry about booking holidays for 2021. Nicols is offering a money-back guarantee, which means that you can rebook your holiday or get a full refund if you are unable to travel due to the pandemic.

This guarantee is valid if your future Nicols-booking is affected by COVID-19 in the following ways:

  • The boarders in your home country or your destination is closed due to Corona.
  • The government in your home country or destination has initiated COVID-19 related travelling restrictions, which prevents you from travelling.
  • There are government requirements of quarantine at your destination or in your home country after coming back from your holiday.

Please note: If your holiday is affected by one or more of the above-mentioned points, you need to contact us immediately. If you holiday starts within less than 10 weeks, you can choose to either rebook or get a full refund. If you choose to receive a full refund, this will be in your bank account no later than 14 days after you have cancelled your holiday.

If your holiday starts in 4 weeks or less, you can either:

  • Postpone your holiday or receive a voucher (must be used within 18 months);
  • Or get a full refund. The refund will be transferred to you within 14 days after cancellation. Please write to us if this is what you wish.

If your holiday starts in more than 4 weeks, we recommend:

  • That you wait and see what the situation is like. If the situation changes and the government advise against travelling, you can still postpone your holiday 4 weeks before the original date of departure.


Nicols Spring discounts in 2021

Last minute offers - Save up to 30%

If booking within 30 days of departure:

  • Save 15% on cruises of one week or longer
  • Save 10% on short break cruises

If booking within 15 days of departure:

  • Save 20% on cruises of one week or longer
  • Save 15% on short break cruises

If booking within 5 days of departure:

  • Save 30% on cruises of one week or longer
  • Save 20% on short break cruises

Valid for all newbookings registered within the abovementioned timescales.
Valid on all boats and all bases (except Lubz in Germany). Cannot be combined with other offers.

Spring savings:

Holidays in June - all destinations (except Lubz in Germany):

  • 5% on holidays shorter than one week
  • 10% on holidays with the duration of one week or longer

Holidays in July - all destinations (except Lubz in Germany):

  • 5% on all holidays

Valid for all new bookings made between 3 and 31 of May 2021.
Please note: These discounts are for all boats (except the FLY-models).


  • 10% discount on short breaks
  • 20% discount for cruises of 1 week
  • 30% discount for cruises for 2 weeks and more

Valid for all new bookings registered between the 1st and 31st of May 2021.
Valid on all boats and all bases in Hungary (Kisköre & Tokaj)
Cannot be used with other offers or retrospectively.

Don't forget our permanent offers for families, couples and groups ... There is always an offer you can take advantage of!

These permanent offers can be combined with a maximum of 10% for short breaks or 15% for cruises of a week or more.



Experience the historic waterways of France On a boating holiday in one of our 12 French areas, you’ll get a relaxing vacation with delicious gastronomy and beautiful surroundings. Welcome to France Enjoy a floating vacation with family and friends on the French waterways in your own quiet pace and learn about the French people, history and culture. The French waterways run through some of Europe's most beautiful and varied landscapes. Shop for a riverside picnic in one of the colorful marketplaces or enjoy a gourmet meal in one of the picturesque fortress towns. Another lovely way to spend a peaceful evening is in the salon on the boat with a glass of wine from one of the region's wineries. Sailing in France The difference in altitude between the mountainous country and the ocean is quite large in France. Thus, it is necessary to regulate the water level at different intervals using a well-running lock-system. The locks can be quite close to each other in mountainous regions and it is a very special experience to use the boat-elevator in the Alsace-region. About 800 years ago the French began to build the intricate canal systems, connecting the large French rivers. Often you´ll see the old barge trails running along the channels, where horses in ancient times laboriously had to pull loads of overcrowded boats against the current. The old waterways have lost their significance as industrial transportation lines but have been reopened with restored bridges and lock systems to the benefit for those of us who love boating holidays. 12 different regions Seatravel offers river and canal holidays in 12 different French regions. From Alsace with the beautiful half-timbered houses in Northern France to the fantastic Burgundy with prestigious wineries. Further south Camargue lures visitors with lakes full of oyster beds and pink flamingos. Idyllic Brittany has a breath of fresh air from the sea and there are famous Cognac areas along the Charente river. And let us not forget the sunny Aquitaine nor the famous Canal du Midi in Southern France near the Mediterranean.  
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Welcome to Germany Enjoy Germany’s beautiful lakes in Mecklenburg or the Brandenburg/Potsdam area near Berlin. Mecklenburg Mecklenburg is to be found in the most northerneast parts of Germany – a truly magnificent patchwork of hundreds of lakes, rivers and canals spread over an idyllic countryside. Mecklenburg is a large recreational area with clean air and clear waters, and the region is an immensely popular sailing area for families as well as boating enthusiasts. The magnificent castles of Mirow, Rheinsberg and Fürstenberg are idyllically situated down the riverside, and Medieval villages with half-timbered houses and topped cobblestones makes the pretty scenery in the interesting landscape. Sails towards Müritzsee, Germany's largest lake. Here you will find lots of activity such as canoeing, local sailors, fishing and many other activities. In Mecklenburg you can do a riverboat holiday in a pleasant pace, only to be interrupted by a cold beer and a good meal at a café in one of the many charming and historic towns. For the angler, Müritzsee is a true paradise with more than 50 fish species, including walleye, perch and carp. You can also take the kids to Müritzeum Museum. Brandenburg Nearly one-third of this area is designated as nature reserves. You will find no less than 15 protected natural areas here! The National Park Spreewald is an eldorado of flora and fauna with large flocks of deer in the large forests. The bridges that you will see during your sailing trip make out the perfect stop for a picnic, hike or bike ride. Potsdam is an important and dynamic city with many impressive monuments. Walk around town and visit the churches and museums, the impressive and colorful Sanssouci Castle, or go shopping in the unique, Dutch neighborhood. Experience the amazing city of Berlin with its countless festivals and monuments such as the Reichstag Building and the Brandenburg Gate.  
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The Netherlands

The Netherlands

Boating holiday on the traditional rivers and canals of the Netherlands Look forward to sailing through the colourful tulip fields of the Dutch countryside where traditional windmills towers over the village rooftops. There is great tradition of sailing and living in riverboats in the Netherlands. Sail you own riverboat and get a true, Dutch experience! A riverboat holiday is one of the best ways to experience this beautiful country and befriend the friendly locals. Admire the traditional windmills, framing your sailing route, go on a biking trip or moor at the nice marinas with modern facilities or right next to the town square.  On a riverboat holiday in the Netherlands, you will be able to do the trip in your own pace, and get to pass by colorful tulip fields, charming villages and bigger, cosmopolitan cities. This is also the place to admire the masterpieces of the great, Dutch artists and the famous, Dutch cheeses. Here you will find activities for family members of all ages – and you get the opportunity to fish or taking a swim in the glittering lakes. The Friesland-Amsterdam region is filled with history and cultural heritage, especially Amsterdam and Utrecht. Visit the house of Anne Frank in Amsterdam, the royal palace and Dom Square. If going to the historical Utrecht you should not miss a trip to Stadskasteel Oudaen – a fortified house transformed into a brewery. Watersport activities: The lake district is famous all over Europe for being a great destination for watersport holidays. In Friesland sailing is not only a hobby – it is a lifestyle. Check out the watersport centers of Sneek and Grow, where you can rent kayaks, jet skis and dinghys. Cycling: The Netherlands is known for being a rather flat country, which makes it ideal for biking trips. Rent bikes for the boat, and bike past tulip fields and rustic, restored watermills, or make a stop in a village to enjoy a portion of oysters or steamed clams and watch the world pass you by. Fishing: A fishing holiday in the area is quite popular. In most waters you can catch carp, pike, bream, skull and perch. A network of canals, rivers and lakes makes out a pretty scenery, so why not give it a shot and try to catch tonight’s dinner yourself! The sleepy fishing villages in the Northern Friesland gives a lovely twist to the cosmopolitan Utrecht and the curved gables from the 15th to 16th century in the city of Amsterdam. Moor the boat just next to the town square in picturesque villages or by a restaurant near the water with a view to the busy life on the canals. On your sailing trip through the green landscapes of waterways, that has inspired so many, Flemish painters, you will see neatly kept marsh farms with thatched roofs, fisherman's houses with quirky duckling nests on the gable and traditional sailboats from a time, when the most common transport routes was via these waterways. Many old traditions have been kept, and remodeled riverboats with flower boxes, a garden bench and laundry hanging to dry on a string, are still a way of life and a living arrangement for a large part of the population.  
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