Skopelos, Greece - Mamma Mia!

Do you dream of exploring the same incredible landscape that appeared in the first Mamma Mia film? Then you must visit the small island Skopelos in Greece. The island is part of the small group of islands called Sporaderne, which consist of 11 interesting islands that offers white sandy beaches, picturesque villages and clear Azur blue ocean. The area ooze of authenticity, so it is easy to get an insight into the traditional Greek culture.

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Vis, Croatia  - Mamma mia! Here we go again

Perhaps you have already seen the successor to Mamma Mia, but if not, we can reveal that they once again found a fabulous gem of an island as the setting for the film. This time it is the Croatian island Vis. Vis is located in central Croatia along with more than 30 other islands. Experience the beautiful nature in the area, the white sandy beaches, luxuriant vegetation and big cultural experiences in the charming immemorial towns.

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Thailand The Beach / James Bond

At the Heart of Southeast Asia, you find Thailand that with its tropical beauty has inspired many filmgoers to take a trip. The beautiful and chalky white sandy beach that surrounds the turquoise water was the sight that met Leonardo Dicaprio on this island, when he was searching for tropical bliss in the film The Beach. Enjoy the paradisiacal landscape, while sailing around among impressive limestone rock islands and past lovely unspoiled sandy beaches.

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Filicudi, Italy Love is all you need

A sailing holiday in Sicily and the Lipari islands is a holiday in a Mediterranean paradise.The Lipari islands are an archipelago of volcanic origin that was admitted to UNESCO World Heritage List in 2000, which bear witness to the  incredible beauty of the area. The picturesque surroundings offer scenic bays and calm villages. The passages between the islands are short and therefore provide plenty of opportunity to enjoy life aboard the boat.

The southern area provided the setting for the film “Love is all you need”, where an eventful wedding took place in the striking surroundings.

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St. Vincent, the Caribbean Pirates of the Caribbean

Enjoy the exotic surroundings on St. Vincent, which is one of the most unspoiled sailing areas in the southern Caribbean. The swaying palm trees and glittering ocean form the setting for a tropical paradise, where the diving possibility are magical and you can experience life under the sea. Walk in the footsteps of Captain Jack Sparrow, and go on your own expedition in the unspoiled nature, which features both spectacular waterfalls, an active volcano and several of adventurous beaches.

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