La Cité de Carcassonne - is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage and is one of France's top tourist attractions and is a stop that you should not ignore this part of the Canal du Midi. The medieval town, castle and ramparts, the Basilica of St. Nazaire, where every Sunday Mass held at. 11:00. This ancient Roman castle from the 3rd-4th Century awakens all our child dreams to life, about the time when men were knights who lived in castles with ring walls and went to war with swords and lances. Many well-known films with medieval themes and adventure movies are recorded within the city walls.

The old feudal castle La Cité in Carcassonne, located near the canal. The castle was after it had lain in ruins for many years, restored in the late 19th century. And it is thanks to this work, instead of the 52 towers and 120 inhabitants today visited by more than 1 million. tourists annually. UNESCO appointed in 1997, La Cité a cultural heritage cultural monument, and we enjoyed the walk through the winding narrow alleys, decorated with old signs and are pleased that the work of his time restoring the castle system allows us to get an idea of where single war was then that they had not yet invented gunpowder. Since pre-Roman times, there has been here a fortified settlement - the earliest evidence of this dates from the 6th century. BCE. Here, the routes between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic and the Iberian peninsula from the rest of Europe. The original castle came under Roman rule in 27 BC and through the turbulent years of the 3rd and 4th century it was expanded with a 1200 long double defensive wall. The walls were further reinforced with horseshoe-shaped bastions. Over the centuries, the castle town was conquered by more and was in the 13th årh.- was the external walls constructed with the inner moat of the castle to reinforce the position. Carcassonne became fast one of the main symbols of royal power in France by virtue of its geographical location. Johannesburg city was renovated and restored in the 19th century. Got back given its former glory and historical importance. Today the city is beautifully lit at night and appears as an impressive structure - although there are many tourists. The main attractions within the city walls is the Chateau Comtal, which was transformed into a citadel in 1226; Cour de Midi, which are the ruins of a Gallo-Roman villa and torture chamber.

It is not allowed to drive a car in La Cité, but there is a large parking area just outside the city walls, and you can stroll through its narrow cobbled streets, while sense of history. Go for a walk on the ramparts and enjoy the fantastic views. Are you interested in churches is the Basilica de St. Nazaire a must to visit, there are also several small museums and the most exciting is perhaps Torture Museum in Rue de Grand Puits. There are guided tours of the castle town.

There are many restaurants in La Cité, which offers local dishes incl. "Cassoulet". "Le St Jean La Cité" (1 Place St Jean), with both indoor and outdoor seating is located on a beautiful square near the château and is probably the best bet for a good lunch at a reasonable price within the walls. Alternatively, try Comte Roger La Cité (for a slightly more expensive menu) (14 rue St Louis; + 33 04 68 11 93 40). Outside La Cité is the possibility of a luxus lunch in "Le Parc" (Chemin des Anglais; +33 04 68 71 80 80), which is run by Michelin-starred chef Franck Putelat. While the food is great here, the interior is a bit boring. Another great alternative is recommended and is frequented by the locals for a good simple meal is the little restaurant "Le Trivalou" in Rue Trivalle - the perfect place to sample the local cuisine as "cassoulet" or duck. Would you like to visit a nearby winery and have a car available - or by taxi - you can visit the Domaine Gayda (Route de Malvies, 11300 Brugairolles; +33 04 68 20 65 87). Locations owned and run by a South African couple and is about 20-minute drive away. It serves a great lunch menu incl. Wine at a reasonable price Wednesday - Friday and there is a fantastic view of the Aude Valley. There can also arrange wine tasting.

Shopping: Carcassonne is not the best place for shopping - La Cité shops; much depends on tourists and La Bastide's most inspiring chain stores. If you are into local markets must not fail to visit the covered market Les Halles.