Lefkas, also known as Lefkada or levkas, is one of the seven islands in the Ionian Sea in the west of Greece. It is the fourth largest island in Greece. The main town on the island is also called Lefkada. The island is separated from the mainland by only a 50 meter narrow channel and connected to the mainland by a long promenade and a pier. Lefkada is the only island apart from Evia, which can be reached by car.
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Sail area consists of nine smaller islands including Meganisi, Kastos, Kalamos, Madouri and Skorpios - the latter island is most famous for having been the Onassis family's private island. Aristotle Onassis married Jacqueline Kennedy on the island in 1968 and allowed to swim from two of the beaches.

Lefkas is named from the white cliffs that are found in the southern part of the island. Legend has it that the poet Sappho threw herself into the sea at Cape Lefkada love sorrows. A German archaeologist believes that Lefkas actually Homer's Ithaca and Odysseus's palace lay west of the town of Nidri on Lefkas' southern coast. Lefkas has always played an important role in wars, but violent earthquake destroyed large parts of the island in 1948 and again in 1953, so there are only a few examples of the traditional ancient architecture preserved on the island.

Besides the crystal clear blue sea and fabulous beaches, there are many other attractions on Lefkas - on the whole island has a beautiful scenery and a wealth of historic sites, museums and monasteries. From Lefkas you can sail down to the beautiful Abelika Bay or one of the many other enchanting anchor bays, stretching as long fingers from the island on the north-east coast of Meganisi. Here you can find good snorkeling opportunities and take a swim stop, before heading through the quaint little town of Vathi on Meganisi.

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The relaxed Greek atmosphere

The island Meganisi is the second largest island outside the east coast of Lefkas. There are three villages with less than 2,000 residents, here is a typical Greek atmosphere. Here you can relax with a view of the surrounding country, walking along the beaches or enjoy an ouzo with the locals in a tavern. From Meganisi sail through the beautiful strait that separates Kalamos and the mainland.

On arrival at Kalamos and Kastros see the bay the serene and pleasant town of Kalamos with fishing, mini market and several taverns. You can also head to Porto Leone - an abandoned village with anker¬pladser and bleating flocks of goats. The city was abandoned in 1953 after a major earthquake, but the church is still in use. From here you sail far over to the southeastern point of Meganisi, where there is a small paradise cove.

In Vathi on Ithaca will find a newer and larger harbor deep in the bay. The city has sex with traditional houses. From here there is a ferry connection to the mainland with the possibility of excursion to "Odysseu's Palace" about 1 hour from the city. Here you will also find an archaeological museum and shopping. From Vathi sail along Ithaca, and at the popular island of Kefalonia.

Lefkas – en uges rejse i det varme Ioniske Hav

Enjoy a Greek dinner under trees in Fiscardo

A must-see for sailors arriving in Kefalonia is Fiscardo in the north-eastern point of the island. Here you will find a picturesque fishing village with beautiful 1700s Venetian houses between pinjetæer and cozy restaurants. There is a good atmosphere but the place is very popular with boaters, so it is wise to be here in good time, as it gets crowded after at. 14:00.

Kefalonia is the largest of the Ionian Islands, and is a popular holiday destination. Islands have escaped the worst mass tourism. Here is the dramatic scenery and many beautiful bays and the rocky coastline has small sandy beaches.

On the north coast of the island lies Myrtos Bay with all white as well and a great deep sea. From here you can see the village of Assos - a small settlement at the foot of an imposing Venetian fortress. The south side of the island has some great beaches where you can experience sea turtles (monitored by the local havskildpaddebeskyttelsesgruppe). From here cross the strait and you're up to this vibrant city Vasiliki.

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Take a snorkel in azure waters under the caves

Within windsurf the entrance on the map was Visiliki a quiet fishing village. Now it is a lively city with great activity. If there are strong winds, you can alternatively choose to sail to Sivota, as the wind usually compressed and amplified by Vasiliki. Sail towards Meganisi tangent west coast of swims at the caves Papanikolis Sea Cave. After experiencing a swim in the warm and clear blue water at the caves sailed west to Spartochori.

Oplev badning i grotterne ved Meganisi

By Spartochori on the island of Meganisi you will find protected moorings at bridges in the bay and cozy taverns. The city Spartochori is a traditional unspoilt town with a port, stone cottages, traditional tavernas and a selection of local shops and a market. The village itself is typical Greek approximately 30 minutes walk high above the harbor (remember flashlight at night). Here, time stands almost still - but there is life in taverns. There are stunning views of the mountains and over the sea in daylight. On the trip on the way back to Lefkas you can sail past the island of Skorpios or strike a blow in past Nidri, which is really going on.

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Lefkas town - Ionian Islands 'capital'

On Lefkas, you can go into Lefkas town, which is with all its facilities and several restaurants and taverns. At the market place "Plateia Agiou" you will find the old town. From the town there are views of the old 1300 Century fortress Santa Mavra.

Lefkas town is located in the north of the island, and the colorfully painted houses in the town with the characteristic earthquake protected architecture makes the city exciting. The city has a traditional and friendly atmosphere with a rich cultural life. In August there is art and literature festival with music, dance and theater, which takes place in the shadow of Santa Maura Fort sunset.

Faneromeni monastery is a pleasant place to take a stroll - a quiet place with a picturesque view of the sea. The marina is well equipped and there are numerous bars and restaurants. You can also take a walk to the city center with many tourist shops, but you'll also find interesting galleries and jewelery shops. The cafés and restaurants of the town squares are ideal for enjoying a drink at while you watch the local life.