The hidden and undiscovered destinations of Istria

Get ready to experience Croatia’s wonderful surroundings at sea, where you can enjoy the clear water and the beautiful coastal cities.

In Croatia you will find beautiful stone beaches, amazing culture, and multiple restaurants with tasteful seafood. The northern part of Croatia is known for its beautiful surroundings and views, and it is a must for you to experience. If you are not yet tempted, read along, and discover more reasons for you to travel to Croatia and get inspired to set sail towards these underestimated destinations.


Nyd solnedgangen fra båden Tag på sejlferie i Kroatien Krystalklart vand i Kroatien

1. The picture-perfect city Rabac is a lot like the French Riviera. The city offers white stone beaches where you can relax and participate in different kinds of fun activities. The nature is beautiful and lush, and the grand mountains create the perfect atmosphere for connecting with nature when hiking or biking. If you are more into water sports, you can choose to engage in activities like water skiing, windsurfing, or diving in the clear, turquoise sea. Not too far from Rabac you will find the historical city Rijeka, which is a nice city to visit on a daytrip. In Rijeka you can stroll down the streets and enjoy the old buildings.

2. In the mountains, not too far from Rabac, you will find the gorgeous city Labin. The city itself is a sight for sore eyes, as it consists of architectural and artistic buildings and with the most beautiful panoramic ocean view. Use the days to experience the city, have lunch at the cozy, local cafes and visit the local art galleries, and maybe even pic out a new art piece for your home.

3. On the west coast of Istria, you will find the city Poreč. At the beaches in Poreč you will find activities of all kind, e.g., a colourful waterpark, and the area has great conditions for water sports, which is indicated with a blue flag. The small city is easy to explore by foot and you will experience a real Mediterranean architecture. Poreč turns back time with its Roman streets and historical buildings. The city is more than 6000 years old and among the old, historical buildings you will find enchanting Decumanus-temple and the Eufrasiana building. The Eufrasiana building is on the UNESCO-world heritage list and is a former church there consist of marble blocks and beautiful mosaic.

4. While sailing in the Adriatic Sea, you will reach the island Rab. The island is 22 km, and the nature divides the island in two parts. One part of the island is one big mountain landscape, and the other part is covered in pine forest, as far as the eye can see. There is also a lot of beaches, hidden bays to snorkel in and churches and castles. The history of the island goes back to 360 years b.c., which makes it worth the while to visit the museums and churches, where you will learn about the history of Rab. The traditional lifestyle on the island includes fishing and farming, which you can acknowledge, while visiting the local restaurants, where they serve amazing dishes of fresh fish and organic vegetables. Try the dishes with the local wine Cabernet Sauvignon, which the Croatian Staničić family has won several prices for. Trust us, you will not get bored while visiting the island.

5. The island Krk is located in the Kvarner Gulf and is a true paradise with beautiful beaches and crystal-clear water. The island is the biggest island in Croatia, and you will find several wonderful cities ready for you to explore. The Krk Island is also the place where you will find one of the rare sand beaches in Croatia – the impressive Baška Beach. If you are looking to find something to do on the island, you can visit the medieval Krk town, where you will find alluring buildings and houses, which is an experience itself. Do not miss the small mountain city Vrbnik, which will enchant you with its narrow streets and incredible sea view. At last, Krk offers delicious gastronomic experiences and you should definitely go to the hidden resort town on the northern side of the island called Njivica. Here you will find a small bed & breakfast, which is being led by the same family in generations. The menu is mostly fresh fish and delicious desserts. You will not regret to set sail towards this pearl of an island which waits for you in the northern part of Croatia.


A holiday at sea encourages to a corona-safe holiday, as you have minimal contact with other people.

The Croatian minister of tourism and sport has announced, there will be no vaccine passport requirements in the country. Therefore, you can safely book a sailboat holiday in Croatia.

Yacht charter

Yacht charter

Seatravel takes pride in offering the best prices on high-quality yacht charters. With our expertise and experience, we can assist you with renting the perfect sailboat and if you wish, finding flights that match your yacht charter. Yacht Charter At Seatravel we are experts in custom-made sailing vacations all over the world, this includes finding the right boat for your needs and wishes, finding the flights to the destination, and if needed, a hotel. We strive to accommodate your every need to create the best possible surroundings for an unforgettable holiday at sea. We have boats and bases all over the world, so whether you want to sail in Greece, Croatia or an even more exotic destination, like the Caribbean, the Pacific or Thailand, we have the boat that fulfils your needs. Not only do we have boats in every perceivable part of the world, but we also have boats in all shapes and sizes. So whether you want a boat for couples or a larger group, we have the boats to satisfy your every need. Furthermore, we have boats in every price class from the most luxurious yachts to budget-class boats. As an extra service, we offer the possibility to help you arrange a yacht charter with a crew included, which ensures the possibility for a sailing vacation for everyone. The hiring of a skipper is not only for the inexperienced sailors, but it can also end up being a great addition to the holiday as the skipper is local and therefore knows all of the hidden gems, do´s and don'ts at the destination. If you need a further reason why a yacht charter is the most amazing form of vacation, let us show you some of our favourite destinations. Whether it is your first yacht charter or you are an experienced sailor, these destinations are clear-cut winners when speaking of unique holidays at sea, due to the climate, culture, the hidden beaches and cliff formations that are only accessible by boat. Furthermore, the cosy atmosphere in the ports and the local people and cuisine makes a yacht charter unique.   Split, Croatia Croatia has been a favoured destination for yacht charters for some time now, and understandably so. We specifically have fallen in love with the area around Split, a port city in the central part of Croatia. Split caught our attention due to the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic Sea, combined with the possibility of visiting the small magnificent islands of Hvar, Brac and Vis, which are all worth a visit! These three are just to name a couple because the sea along the Croatian Coast is sprinkled with around 1000 small beautiful islands. Some of the most popular islands for visiting yacht charters are around the Dalmations islands located near Split. The islands vary a lot in size, shape and possibilities when on land. There is a lot of history related to these islands as they were the outposts in ancient time, which is why some of the islands have historic castles and fortresses on the hills. Outside of these fortifications, you will find small and old cities that offer a wide variety of local specialities and excellent restaurants with a view of the sea. Other islands are still wild and untouched as they are uninhabited. These islands and waters are part of the Croatian history and culture which makes them somewhat sacred to the locals, and they are therefore protected as national parks. So when you sail through the passages in between the islands, you are travelling through ancient history with a view of the clearest waters, rocky islets and ancient villages. We recommend yacht charters to not only explore Split and the surrounding sea and islands but also to make the trip to the two neighbouring cities of Primosten and Trogir. As a nice additional convenience, the airport in Split is very close to the marina, which makes the transfer between the two very easy. The high season runs from April to November, however, there are different sub-seasons within. In May and June, you will under normal circumstances experience a calm and pleasant wind of around 15 knots from the west. This makes this area ideal for yacht charters for families. If you like the waters even calmer, July and August usually have less wind than in May and June. Furthermore, the average daily temperature is a comfortable 23°C. Take a closer look at the wind and weather reports for the area. So in short, a yacht charter to central Croatia and Split offers a magnificent mix of wonders from the beautiful scenery, pristine beaches, cosy islands and cultural experiences in the ancient towns and ports. Also, the wildlife in the area is worth noting, both on land and underwater, as there are some amazing snorkelling opportunities. Our top reasons for visiting Split on a yacht charter Easy and gentle navigation at sea Kornati National Park The city of Split, which is a UNESCO world heritage city The three beautiful islands of Hvar, Brač, and Vis A wide variety of easily accessible bays The ancient and culturally rich Trogir   Athens, Greece In Greece, there is a long and proud tradition for sailing which can be traced back to ancient Greece, and you will immediately understand this when you start to explore the waters of The Saronic Gulf and Cyclades. Because of the sheer beauty of the area, you will understand why the Greeks have always been drawn to the sea for these superb views and waters.This is a great destination if you are looking for a yacht charter with perfect conditions for sailing, with pristine landscapes draped in ancient history and culture as you sail past the historical cities along the coast, old ruins from a time long ago and remote islands. But it's not just all culture and old towns as the port cities of Greece offer pulsating life, a warm and welcoming atmosphere, and amazing cuisine.  The two main cities of the Saronic Gulf are Athens and Lavrion which offer the perfect point of departure for a yacht charter, as the airport is close by and there is a lot to experience in these cities, which are among the oldest of our civilization.We highly recommend that you sail to the Dodecanese Islands or the Sporades as these islands have everything you could dream of on a yacht charter, plus so much more.  This extensive sailing area ensures that there are conditions for everyone. For instance, if you prefer a quiet and calm journey, we can recommend a trip in the Saronic Gulf, as the winds here are light and the waters are well-protected and relatively flat-bottomed. If you prefer a bit more wind when sailing past the historic sites and the Aegean Archipelago, the Cyclades are the place to go, as there is a bit more wind but equally beautiful historic sites, modern conveniences and cosy destinations ideal for relaxation.  Generally, the conditions in the Saronic Gulf is ripe for sailing as the tidal difference is quite small, around 1-2 feet, and the currents are not a concern either. In the sailing season from April to October you can expect blue skies and delightful weather, with an average temperature of between 24-28°C. If you feel like taking a swim in the water, you should not be worried about the temperature as it is around 27°C. It should, however, be noted that the sailing areas are closed from 1st of December to 1st of April. Our top reasons for going on a yacht charter in The Saronic Gulf and the Cyclades Some of the most picturesque surroundings in all of Greece Calm and historic villages with attractions for everyone Beautiful and welcoming beaches Sailing through the Saronic Gulf between the peninsulas of Attica and Peloponnese Snorkelling, swimming and sunbathing at untouched beaches The Greek islands of Kéa, Hydra, Aegina, Sérifos, Syros, and Kythnos which all have rewarding attractions   British Virgin Islands, Caribbean Yacht chartering in the Caribbean, and especially in the British Virgin Islands, is something everyone should try at least once in their life, as the water, climate, and surroundings here is something very special and will make you think you've arrived in paradise. What makes a yacht charter special is the protected waters in which there are loads of water activities, the many modern marinas and last but not least, the islands which are full of attractions unmatched anywhere else accessible by sea. All of this combined with the fact that the marinas at the British Virgin Islands are easily connected to the mainland by flight makes the British Virgin Islands the worlds most popular destination for yacht charter. The British Virgin Islands are a group of more than 25 paradise-like islands and they are located in the turquoise waters of Central Caribbean. Among the most known of the islands are Tortola, Jost Van Dyke, Virgin Gorda and Anegada which offer a lot of opportunities both around the islands but also on land if you feel the need to get land under your feet and have a closer look at the authentic Caribbean atmosphere and culture.  Another reason to charter a yacht in the Caribbean is the vast opportunities. For example, you can enjoy the most relaxing holiday onboard with a crew, which will make your life in the Caribbean feel like heaven on earth, or you can choose to captain your own boat and be in complete control of when and where you are going. Yet another reason for going on vacation in the Caribbean, is the white sandy beaches, the colourful reefs, and the perfect water. In short, if you are going on a yacht charter in the British Virgin Islands, only your imagination can limit the opportunities available as there is something to suit everyone and every need. Even though the British Virgin Islands are located on the outskirts of the Caribbean Sea, the conditions for sailing is optimal, as you will experience a unique combination of trade winds, minimal currents, and protected waters. In addition to this, there is next to none unmarked hazards, great navigational aids and never far to the next anchorage or protected strait were you, without any concerns, can drop anchor or pick up a buoy. All of this makes the British Virgin Island ideal for inexperienced sailors. Our top reasons for going on a yacht charter in The British Virgin Islands The mountainous islands that are remnants of extinct volcanoes, which makes the islands so fertile Majestic rock formations and flooded caves The beauty of the coral reefs The optimal conditions for yacht chartering for everyone The possibility of getting the best of both worlds, from both the sea and on land on the islands The wide variety of activities We always offer the best prices and we are members of the Danish Travel Guarantee Fund (no. 753). We are an agent for The Moorings, Sunsail, Kavas, Kiriacoulis, Navigare Yachting, Dream Yacht Charter, Sun Charter, and NCP.
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Zadar & Biograd (Northern Croatia)

Zadar & Biograd (Northern Croatia)

Yacht Charter from northern Croatia - Biograd & Zadar The Adriatic coast and its clear calm water, mild summer climate, idyllic villages and historic towns - a magnificent sailing area, which makes Croatia one of the best destinations for sailors. The marvellous coastline is sheltered by a series of 700 islands, with numerous anchorages and ports to fit the temper of every type of sailor. You can find lonely and romantic anchorages or be part of the local daily life in the country's cosy harbours and modern, well-equipped marinas. Magnificent nature has provided this abundant and diverse country with peaceful coves, beaches, mountains, evergreen groves and narrow passages between islands and the possibility of open sea stretches - which has the cleanest and clearest water you can imagine. The magnificent sailing area in the region around Zadar offers the best of Croatia and combines remote islands, beautiful bays and energetic cities with a fascinating cultural heritage. Departure: Most of our guests sail from Biograd, Zadar or Sukosan. All of these marinas are minutes from Zadar International Airport. Sailboat & catamaran charters in northern Croatia Enjoy both short passages in protected water, as well as long trips in steady winds. Northern Croatia offers: Perfect sailing conditions Rich cultural heritage Busy cities Uninhabited islands - Kornati National Park Secluded bays The best time to sail is from April to October. In May and June, the strength of the wind is light to moderate, while July and August are characterized by calm weather - perfect for those who prefer a quiet atmosphere. The wind mainly comes from the west, but later in the year, usually in late September, the region is in periods affected by the strong Bora wind from the north, and sirocco-wind (moist wind from east-southeast). The area has a tidal range of 1-2 meters, and the normal temperature in the sailing season is 27°C.
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