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Jeanneau Yacht Models Available for Charter

Rent a Jeanneau sailboat for your sailing holiday

Seatravel offer both new and older Jeanneau models for hire in the Mediterranean and worldwide.

in 1957 Henri Jeanneau discovered his passion for speedboats, when he witnessed one sailing past his window, which later evovled into the first Jeanneau shipyard in 1959. Already in 1961 Jeanneau built the first fiberglass speedboat. The first Jeanneau sailboat was introduced in 1964, which in part created ocean racing and was an inspirational source for many to make a career out of professional sailing. 

Jeanneau was a Pioneer within the sailing community and in 1970 Jeanneau sold more than 2700 boats of the Sangria model which that Jeanneau had the funds to stay ahead of the competition within the marine industry of design and construction of cruising sailboats. 

Jeanneaus boats are equiped with the best products for marine technology, as Jeanneau only uses suppliers that share the obligation for quality and product development. It can not be stressed enough how important the safety is for Jeanneau, which is why every new boat goes through a series of thorough tests and analysis.
here is our selection of Jeanneau boats. 

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