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Hurtigruten cruising arranged by Ruby Travel

Ruby Travel is a travel group who specialises in cruise ship travel in Norway with Hurtigruten - sailing the beautiful Norwegian coastline. Hurtigruten sail from Bergen through the large Fjords all the way up North to the city of Kirkenes. Aboard the Hurtigruten cruise ships you also have the possibility to visit Greenland, Svalbard, Iceland and the Antarctic with the Hurtigruten Explorer ships.

All of Hurtigruten's cruise ships are comfortable and with a cosy atmosphere. The company have sailed between Bergen and Kirkenes since the early 20th century. Back then the ships served on the postal route delivering letters, packages and all other forms of communication. The majestic route is more than 2.400 km long. Today the route is mostly used as for luxurious cruises.

A total of 11 ships is sailing on the Hurtigruten line.

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Hurtigruten offers the classic route between Bergen and Kirkenes and  back which offers many magical experiences in the Norwegian fjord landscape. On the journey the ship visits a total of 34 ports in 12 days. In the summer time you get the opportunity to experience the midnight sun North of the Arctic Circle, and enjoy nature in 24 hours of daylight. Discover Geirangerfjord and Trollfjord which is most beautiful at this time of year. Join the Hurtigruten cruise to Nordkap, the northernmost point of mainland Europe.

Enjoy the beautiful coastline of Norway with Hurtigruten - A Hurtigruten voyage is great whatever season you travel. Travel in the spring time and enjoy "The Arctic Awakening" or look for the beautiful colors of Autumn with "The Autumn Gold."

Winter can be experienced as an exploration adventure with Hurtigruten on a classic tour from Bergen to Kirkenes. Come along and explore them Arctic coast covered in snow. From here you will get the best starting point to see the The Northern Lights on Hurtigruten's "Hunting the Light".

Hurtigruten Explorer

Join MS Fram - Hurtigruten expedition ship - climb aboard and discover some of the most unspoilt and beautiful countryside. Discover these interesting destinations with Hurtigruten Explorer:

Explore Greenland
Discover Greenland's vast glaciers, the beautiful scenery and local people's traditions with Hurtigruten Explorer. You will get an authentic experience of Greenland

Hurtigruten Svalbard
Discover Svalbard in different seasons, watching the sun come back in April, where nature is great or discover the Arctic summer when the birds return and nature is filled with its multitude of small plants

Discover Antarctica
Join our once-in-a-lifetime expedition to rule them all.

Join MS Fram and Hurtigruten Explorer - get onboard Hurtigruten's ship to cruise the polar regions. The expedition ship MS Fram continues the Norwegian tradition of expeditions to the world's most pristine nature.

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