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Wherever you choose to rent a riverboat in Belgium - you will experience a warm and welcoming atmosphere in the little country with a big heart. Belgium is known for homemade chocolate, premium beers, upscale lace production, and the comic figure Tin Tin. A boating holiday on the Belgian channels invites lucky sailors to experience the charming countryside and beautiful old baroque cities that are inextricably intertwined with the country's rich cultural history.

From the old Flemish capital, Ghent's, adventurous facades, the winding canals of Bruges and vaulted arches - Belgium is a diverse destination and you are always close to the sights, so the route can be tailored to suit your temperament. In Ypres are the monuments from World War 1 - museums and marketplaces lure or relax on the long sandy beaches and in parks & cafes.

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