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Hearth warming Belgium

Wherever you choose to rent a riverboat in Belgium - you will experience a warm and welcoming atmosphere in the little country with a big heart.

Belgium is known for homemade chocolate, premium beers, upscale lace production, and the comic figure Tin Tin.

A boating holiday on the Belgian channels invites lucky sailors to experience the charming countryside and beautiful old baroque cities that are inextricably intertwined with the country's rich cultural history.

From the old Flemish capital, Ghent's, adventurous facades, the winding canals of Bruges and vaulted arches - Belgium is a diverse destination and you are always close to the sights, so the route can be tailored to suit your temperament.

In Ypres are the monuments from World War 1 - museums and marketplaces lure or relax on the long sandy beaches and in parks & cafes.


Nieuwpoort og Ghent

The area is famous for its world-class chocolate and lace production and everywhere you will be received by friendly locals. Tranquil landscapes and ancient cities are connected perfectly by the beautiful Flemish waterways, that wind through the small country's historic landscapes. From markets and museums to monuments, artistic masterpieces and cosy cafes - you will always find something to see and do in this area.

Highlights of sailing from Nieuwpoort and Ghent: 

  • Fantastic sandy beaches at Nieuwpoort - perfect for families
  • War Monuments and "The Last Post" at Ypres (Ieper)
  • The beautiful city of Bruges, "Venice of the North"
  • Gothic Gent - Belgium's ancient capital
  • More than 300 different Belgian beers

About boating in Belgium - Practical Tips

Welcome to Flanders peaceful and picturesque waterways that wind through beautiful and traditional Flemish villages. Discover the country which is world famous for the finest chocolate, unique lace - and more than 300 beer-brands!



Free open parking in Nieuwpoort.

Supermarket in Nieuwpoort

1.5 km from the base you will find UNIC - a well-stocked supermarket (also fresh bread, meats and vegetables, etc.)

Shops and city centre

You will find local shops restaurants and cafés in the centre of Nieuwpoort about 2 km from the base

Mobile phones
In Belgium, most locks and bridges are staffed. Some of the lockmasters are serving several bridges at a time and therefore might not be on the bridge when you arrive to get through. To sail around Bruges should contact the person who serves the entire system of bridges and locks around Brugge from a central checkpoint. If you don't do not have your own mobile phone or a phone that can be used overseas, you can rent a mobile phone on the base. The base will provide your phone with the card, and the credit card is checked at the beginning and the end. You have to pay the consumption upon departure.


Nieuwpoort and Ghent accept the following credit cards for payment of risk insurance, fuel-deposit and options: Visa and MasterCard.

Please note that in Belgium you can pay by credit card in restaurants, hotels, shops and some of the big supermarket chains, but not in smaller supermarkets and drugstores.


Fishing is allowed but you have to have a fishing license (except for children under 16 years) and the card can be purchased at the post office.

Supermarket in Ghent

Express GB Oude Beestenmarkt located 200m from the base.

Market days

There are 10 different markets in Ghent - see for more info.


The Roayl Latem Golfclub , Latemstraat 120 Sint Martens Latem 0032 9 282 765.

Navigation and berthing in Bruges

If you sail to Bruges, follow the "ring-channel" (an old moat) around the city's outskirts. You can moor safely at "La Coupure" - the inlet of the channel, which harbour master closes for the night. It costs about 10, - € / boat in harbor dues.

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