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Boating holiday in Nieuwpoort og Ghent

On this boating holiday, you will be amazed and fascinated by the area's cosmopolitan charm, elegant castles, beautiful bridges and all the cafes along the canals.

You will be received kindly and warmly, as you explore the tranquil landscapes and old towns which are perfectly connected by the beautiful Flemish waterways that wind through the small country's historic landscapes.



Sailing Tips

Flemish national day is d. 11/07 and the Belgian National Day d. 21/07 (these dates the opening hours of locks are as on Sundays).

NB! Carry a mobile phone when it is necessary to call some of the bridges and locks to get them open. Bridges and locks between Nieuwpoort and Bruges are closed on Sundays before May 1 and after September 30.

Nieuwport (Le Boat)

Le Boat Base - Nieuwpoort is a fishing port and a bright boat-center. Here is a large market with seafood.
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