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A boating holiday on the English rivers and canals will be a holiday of contrasts along the scenic and charming old waterways - you´ll move around at low speed with your private house on the back - and just therein lies the charm.

From your riverboat you can explore England's ever-green river valleys with grazing herds of sheep and quaint villages with half-timbered houses, to sail by beautiful country houses and lovely gardens, pass under the old stone bridges, moor directly at famous castles and stately homes - and not least to enjoy England's rich cultural tradition from the front row on the deck of your riverboat.

The English way of life with cosy pubs that line up like pearls on a string along the English waterways equals an enjoyable atmosphere, a game of darts and of course, a mug of the local stout - this is certainly a lifestyle full of traditions. The pubs are still there from ancient times when the crews of the riverboats lived with the whole family on long barges and had a laborious livelihood by shipping goods between the coastal towns and the new industrial areas in the country's interior.

Put the boat at the dock next to the local pub near the locks, have a chat about this and that and enjoy a typical local meal with the family in the inn.

Also, try the traditional Narrowboats in central England and Wales.

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