Boating Holidays in England

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Boating Holidays in England

A boating holiday on the English rivers and canals will be a holiday of contrasts along the scenic and charming old waterways.

On a boating holiday in England you´ll move around at low speed with your private house on the back - and just therein lies the charm.

From your riverboat you can explore England's ever-green river valleys with grazing herds of sheep and quaint villages with half-timbered houses, to sail by beautiful country houses and lovely gardens, pass under the old stone bridges, moor directly at famous castles and stately homes - and not least to enjoy England's rich cultural tradition from the front row on the deck of your riverboat.

The English way of life with cosy pubs that line up like pearls on a string along the English waterways equals an enjoyable atmosphere, a game of darts and of course, a mug of the local stout - this is certainly a lifestyle full of traditions. The pubs are still there from ancient times when the crews of the riverboats lived with the whole family on long barges and had a laborious livelihood by shipping goods between the coastal towns and the new industrial areas in the country's interior. Put the boat at the dock next to the local pub near the locks, have a chat about this and that and enjoy a typical local meal with the family in the inn.

Try the traditional Narrowboats in central England and Wales. Learn more about our destinations below here.


Flodbådsferie i England

Experience different regions in England

In England you can cruise in different areas. Experience scenic Norfolk Broads, historic Central England & Wales or the grandiose River Thames.


Cruise on River Thames and experience Oxford, Windsor Castle and Eton Colfege - riverboat and english traditions in one holiday.


  • Windsor Castle and Eton College - unique buildings that are famous all over the world.
  • Oxford - the city of the 1000 church spires, where the flower of England's youth have been trained through the centuries; take a walk to the nearby Boar's Hill for a unique view of the city
  • Hanley on Thames - home of England's most famous summer regatta
  • Hampton Court Palace - King Henry VIII's impressive residence in Tudor-style
  • A unique bird and animal life, as well as typical English cities such as Marlow, Cookham, Pangbourne and Datchet with houses from the 14th century and pubs along the river.
  • Spectacular houses of famous pop singers and actors, the famous movie studio in Bray, Windsor and Ascot racecourses and the unique stately houses and hotels, so typical of the area.
  • Shopping in Reading

Norfolk Broads

Sorry - Norfolk Broads is no longer available - but check out Central England & Wales instead!


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Central England & Wales

Sail one of our beautiful narrowboats in Central England and Wales, experience the 200-year-old waterways, stretching more than 1,500 miles and connecting the rivers in mountainous Wales with the lusher central England, this certainly is the original Narrowboat Country. This is modern riverboating in traditional style.


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Central England and Wales

About Boating Holidays in England - Practical Tips

The Thames is a historic waterway for the transport of goods, and great holiday sailing through generations. The Thames is also an exciting and enjoyable meeting place for boatsmen - Englishmen and foreigners alike.


An exciting part of your trip on rivers and canals are sailing under the many bridges and sometimes through tunnels. When staying on the roof or upper deck of the boat, be aware that there is rarely standing height under bridges, so drive slowly, sit down, and keep an eye on the kids.

NB! Osney Bridge on the west side of Oxford is too low to pass!


Where possible, use local toilet buildings. The boat toilet is emptied into a tank container onboard, which has very limited capacity. Therefore, use only a little paper at a time and do not put anything in the toilet that can clog the tubes! Always use a plastic bag for paper and waste from the toilet to avoid clogging.

With normal use, the tank should be emptied during the week. Look for the blue/white sign for "Pump-out Stations" along the way, both along the Thames and in the marinas.

Price about 10-12 GBP.

Dining out

The pubs lie like pearls on a string along the Thames and the Central England/Wales, many incredibly evocative and rich in history. A good meal at a reasonable price can often be purchased at the pub. Many Britons enjoy their traditional Sunday lunch here, so there may be crowded.

Opening hours: daily from 10:30 to 23:00 and Sundays 10:30 to 22:30.

Lock fees

Lock fees are included in the rental price, though there may be fees for individual private waterways.


On the river map, you can see the so-called "weirs". This is a small artificial damming of the river on one side, often in connection with a lock. They are marked on the map with a heavy bar or written in red "weir", designed either partially into the river, or where the river runs along runs with a side river.

Keep clear of them, as the current here can be quite strong. Keep some speed on the boat so it does not drift with the current. Should the engine put out, you should throw an anchor out quickly.


Note the speed limit on the signs (usually 5-10 km/h)

1) The fines for exceeding the speed limits are high and you will be checked.
2) Animal and bird life and anglers thrive in peaceful scenery along the riverbank!
3) The greater the speed, the more violent waves, the more uncertain it becomes for all. It is certainly not popular to be a reason for lunch lager pouring out over the table, either on your boat or on other boats when you try to enjoy life and the meal in a peaceful spot!

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