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Holidays on River Thames

The famous River Thames winds past historic towns and villages, through the beautiful green English countryside.

A cruise on the Thames is simply everything that is understood by England, with cosy pubs along the riverbank and lovely lush nature. This is the home of cricket and five o'clock tea on the riverbank, and a stroll through royal parks, not to forget the beautiful towns that are simply steeped in history.

Great rivers always create big cities and the Thames is no exception.



Cruising Advice

We offer departure from two bases - Benson located near Oxford and Chertsey located on the other side of Windsor Castle. All the locks on the Thames are automatic and manned. It is free of use to them.


London probably doesn’t need an introduction. But Britain’s lively capital is a must to visit when going on a boating holiday in England. It would take forever to mention all the sights in the city but some like Big Ben, House of Parliament, London Eye, Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace is worth having on your list of places to see here. One of our tips is to take a walk along the banks of the Thames. Here you’ll experience the special atmosphere of one the most populous cities in the world. Many of the big sights is also located near the river, so enjoy them before going on real London experience by taking the Underground around the city. London is also a heaven for foodies. Here you find British and Irish pubs, Indian, Chinese and other eastern Asian restaurants as well as food from all over the world. Covent Garden in West End is a nice place to explore the many food options. The West End is also known as the theatre district of London, so round out your day by going to one of the fabulous plays running year round.   
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Hampton Court Palace

On the most famous and notorious kings in British history is Henry VIII. He was the king that separated the British church from the catholic popes, when the then pope wouldn’t accept the divorce of Henry VIII and Katarina of Aragon in the 1530ies. The court of Henry VIII was located on the grandiose Hampton Court Palace. Here you can explore the 6 different palaces that make up the large complex along with some very impressive gardens. Originally the expansion of the former country estate was planned and built by the king’s top advisor Thomas Wolsey as a place where Wolsey could host both Henry VIII and other European monarchs. Wolsey wanted to create a palace worthy of a king. Something he did so well that Henry VIII wanted the place for himself.  
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Aldermaston Wharf (ABC Boat Hire)

ABC Boat Hire - From Aldermaston you can cruise the Kennet and Avon Canal or access the River Thames (Thames license included with the boat hire price). Nearby towns include Newbury, Thatcham and Reading, with Aldermaston railway station also close by.
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Lower Heyford (Black Prince)

Perfect for visiting Oxford, the famous ‘City of Dreaming Spires’. You can also cruise from here on the River Thames towards London to visit Windsor Castle, home of many a royal wedding!
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Chertsey (Le Boat)

Le Boat base - Penton Hook Marina stretches across 80 hectares and is the UK's largest river boat marina. It is situated on one of the loveliest stretches of the River Thames.
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Benson (Le Boat)

Le Boat port in Benson - Hidden in the widths of the River Thames, that flows through the vigorous and green landscape, is the charming village Benson in middle om a popular tourist area.
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Inspiration for a boating holiday on the Thames

Would you like to sail in England - we can offer departure from two bases - Benson located near Oxford and Chertsey located on the other side of Windsor Castle. You can sail roundtrip oneway between two bases - and then you will experience the epitome of English culture. Traditional pubs and manicured gardens are found along the shore - stop for picnics along the river and stroll through the royal parks and picturesque villages. Tudor villages from the 14th century with half-timbered houses, and sail past the spectacular country houses belonging to movie and pop stars, and also take the opportunity to visit Windsor Castle (when the Queen is not in residence) and the changing of the guard. The area's locks are all manned by friendly lockmasters.

Windsor offers guide-operated tours - or you can just stroll along among grazing deer. Other attractions in the area include the famous boys' school Eton College, Ascot Racecourse and one of England's most important country houses, Cliveden House. Families can also choose to take a trip to Legoland and Thorpe Park. The beautiful Hampton Court Palace and the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew adds a regal air to the sailing area - and must at all costs not be missed. Also, each year you can experience the exciting events like the famous Henley Rowing Regatta at Henley - upon-Thames and the star-studded summer concert on the river. Spend an exciting day among wild animals in Beale Park or sail on the river at Oxford in a Punt (flat-bottomed barge) and consider the gleaming spires of the various cathedrals, churches and university buildings. With many different things to explore, scenic villages, old classic pubs, tea-rooms, shops and antiquarian bookshops - a lovely boating holiday on the River Thames is practically guaranteed.


Useful information about boating on the Thames

The Thames has always been England's most important river. It served as a great vein for cargo ships coming from home and abroad - and was protected by the British navy. And it's still a busy river - from its source in the Cotswolds Hills it flows 346 km to the North Sea. The length is surpassed only by the River Severn. At the mouth of the North Sea, the Thames is 8 km wide and has a delta full of birds and fish. This information can help one to get a general idea of the waterways impressive size. Your boating holiday on the Thames can only bring you from Chertsey just outside London to the base in Benson - this route is perfect for a boating holiday. The river winds past meadows, forests, medieval towns and castles - and it's simply just amazing.

Great rivers always create big cities and the Thames is no exception. The first settlements were probably nomads from the Stone Age (archaeologists has found man-made tools from the Neolithic time). In the year 43 B.C. Roman legionaries conquered England and built a port city which they called "Londinium" near the current London Bridge. The Thames was England's vein of life for centuries - and one of the most important places in world history.


Kids will love LEGOLAND Windsor Department-with all the fun and experiences. You can also fit a visit in to enjoy the Chessington World of Adventues - which is perfect for children under 12 years.


There is plenty of fish to catch in the Thames. There are free fishing spots arranged for fishermen who want to catch roach, perch, pike or carp. It's free to fish at Oxford and Reading.


All the locks on the Thames are automatic and manned. It is free of use to them. The gates are open on public holidays. It is forbidden to sail beyond Teddington locks in the direction of London. While sailing on the Thames, it is worth noting that the current conditions as these can vary, but all locks are manned so you can just relax.

Docking locations

Are there lots along the riverside.

Transfer service

There may well be arranged taxi transfer between bases and the airport or station. The bases have local knowledge and experience and can probably get a better price than the individual traveller.