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Holidays in Alsace

Alsace Lorraine is a very popular region for canal trips. The small French region of Alsace and the neighbouring region of Saarland in Germany is as beautiful as the art and architecture found in its cities.

Extensive pine forests edge the blue-tinted Vosges mountains with the possibility of hiking to ancient castles.

Graceful channels run through the hop fields and meadows with storks and herons. On the Canal de la Marne au Rhin you can sail through enchanting cities like Saverne, past the boat elevator in Arzviller and lively Strasbourg and beautiful Nancy. Stop for refreshments in a cosy wine bar and enjoy the crisp Alsace wine or a local beer - with a flamed tart as accompaniment.

The boat elevator St. Louis Arzviller, near the Lutzelbourg, is one of the highlights of the sail. A breathtaking design lift boats 45 meters up the mountainside in a large tub in just 20 minutes.



In Strasbourg visitors will find the perfect bliss behind the city walls and inside the city gates - narrow alleys with beautiful half-timbered houses, a colorful profusion of flowers of geraniums, a breathtaking cathedral and market squares with cafes, wineries and an incredible city life atmosphere - all side by side with spectacular modern buildings, which befits a city that is home to the European Parliament.

Sailing westward through the bellows end fields in the Alsace-region (which is also a great fishing area). Admire the Basilica of St. Nicolas de Port before arriving in the beautiful city of Nancy with the street Place Stanislas for smart shopping and a cafe creme in the sunshine. Sail to the east of the Canal de la Marne au Rhin and spend some time in the cosmopolitan city of Strasbourg and visit Europe's amusement park Rust just on the other side of the German border.

Generally, there are few locks in Alsace.


Luzelbourg - landsbyen med alpine træhuse er bevogtet af en stor borg med tårne, og som giver byen et eventyrpræg – besøg glassliberen og forretningen ”Maison Wurm”. Et besøg i maskinrummet ved bådelevatoren er absolut også en oplevelse. Det anbefales også at besøge museet i forbindelse med elevatoren, som afløste 17 sluser. Bådelevatoren er unik i Europa; man bliver løftet næsten 45 m på mindre end 20 minutter – en fantastisk konstruktion. Nyd den hyggelige atmosfære over et måltid i La Bierstub d’Eselbahn, 41, rue de Phalsbourg, 50 m til venstre for slusen. Åben hver dag undtagen mandag. Et godt måltid kan også indtages i Restaurant “ Des Vosges”, 2, rue Charles Ackermann – en lokal fransk restaurant med enkelt tilberedt regionale retter og specialiteter, som vildt og ørred. Her er åbent hver dag til middag, men lukket onsdag og søndag aften. Der er et lille lokalt minimarked med begrænset udbud (lukket onsdag og søndag) og en bager, som er åben hver dag – søndag kun til kl. 11.45. Læg til i havnen som ligger efter sluse 21.
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Harskirchen (Nicols)

Nicols Base - Harskirchen is located close to the French / German border and a good base for exploring both countries.
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Hesse (Le Boat)

Le Boat base i Hesse - Hesse is a charming and lovely village - besides the well-organized port, is available here also ruins of a Benedictine monastery from the 11th Century, the church is still used to this day.
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Lutzelbourg (Locaboat)

Locaboat port - You will experience the real Alsace atmosphere with old castles and the famous crystal artstores.
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Saverne (Nicols)

Nicols port in Saverne - Enjoy a French river boat vacation in Alsace, a region blooming with history and amazing gastronomy. From the port in Saverne you can choose to sail towards Lutzelbourg and Arzviller.
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Boofzheim (Le Boat)

Le Boat port in Boofzheim - Boofzheim is a very beautiful village filled with picturesque houses, that partly is build from wood. This is typical for France' Alsace-region.
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Waterway Guide - Alsace, Loraine & Saarland


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