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Just a few hours from Paris, spectacular Anjou lures with a gentle landscape, exquisite gastronomy, dramatic castles and beautiful churches. The river Sarthe meanders quietly and nonchalantly through the green countryside with picturesque villages spread out as exciting cultural oases. It will also trill first-time sailors that there are few locks on the rivers. Along the way you can explore the elegant castle Plessis Bourre with the impressive moats, Benedictine Monastery Solesme and the racing town of Le Mans, who is best known for its racing, but also boasts a charming old quarter.

From one of our bases in Grez-Neuville/Sable Sur Sarthe, you can experience stretches of the river lined with small villages, stately homes and old mills, which almost looks like they are resting against the river slopes. Stop in Angers, King René's city or the monastery church in Entrammes where the famous Port Salut cheese is produced. The museum of naive art in the city of Laval is also worth a visit.


Administratively this area belongs to the ancient provinces of Maine and Anjou in western Brittany. The soft and curvy landscape is characterized by a mild climate influenced by the warm waters of the Atlantic. About 20 years ago the river banks, flood gates and gatehouses were renovated and the entire region was given a make-over, which has resulted in more than 400 km of navigable waterways and a very sailor-friendly area.

Sable-sur-Sarthe (Nicols)

Nicols base in Sablé sur Sarthe - The base in Sable sur Sarhte is an idyllic base to explore the calm and peaceful river Sarthe. With very few locks it is perfect for beginners. 
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Grez-Neuville (Nicols)

Nicols base - In the small and charming town of Grez-Neuville, situated Nicols base with easy access to explore Anjou.
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Waterway Guide - Anjou


Waterway guide 10:
Loire-floden, Maine-floden, Mayenne-floden, Oudon and Sarthe

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