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Holidays in Bourgogne Franché-Comte

A network of rivers and canals criss-cross the Burgundy countryside - one of France's richest and most gastronomically developed regions. A generous natural richness with lush orchards and grazing Charolais cattle alternate with ancient cities where beautiful rooftops of glazed tiles reflect the region's historical heritage.

The river Saône winds from the north - in these parts its called Petit Saone - past villages of Gallic origin to St. Jean de Losne, a focal point for riverboating history. Further south, the river runs through a broad valley to Châlon-sur-Saône with beautiful architecture. The river Doubs is partially channelled and runs east to the beautifully situated Dôle and the fortress-city of Besancon.

Famous wineries and endless slopes with grapevines cover the wine-route between Dijon and Macon. Only half an hours drive from the inland areas, and you're in the middle of the goodies. The pearl of all - the city of Beaune with the mosaic-plated roofs, the pompous poor peoples' hospital Hôtel Dieu and the wine museum - should be visited.

The region annually produces more than 150 million bottles of the precious wines from areas of Côte de Nuit, Côte de Beaune and Côte Chalonnaise. Visit Château de Meursault and its more than 2,000 barrels, stored in underground cellars from the 14th-16th century. Many wineries have an open house with sample tastings and sales.


Cruising Advice

  • Sail from one of our 7 bases - round trip or one-way voyage.
  • Saône river invites placid sailing.
  • The river Doubs (Canal du Rhône au Rhin) between Dôle and Montbéliard, is not recommended for first-time sailors.

Fontenoy-le-Chateau (Le Boat)

Le Boat Harbour - Welcome to Fontenoy-le-Château - a nice little market town city, where the river runs through Coney - a city with lots of charm.
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St Jean De Losne (Le Boat)

Le Boat Harbour - St Jean De Losne is a nice little town, located as a hub between several exciting waterways.
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Branges (Le Boat)

Le Boat base - The base is beautifully situated on the edge of elvan Seille, from which you can sail to the area's  of beautiful landscape, green fields and colorful fields to the beautiful town of Louhans.
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Port-sur-Saone (Nicols)

Nicols port in Port-sur-Saône - From the port in Port-sur-Saône you can sail on the peaceful waters towards the historical cities Gray or past small cozy french villages - both of them will a bit of the canals history.
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Dole (Nicols)

Nicols port in Dole - Dole, the ancient capitol in the Comté region, is known as the entrance to the amazing Jura region og also known as the birthplace for the french biologist Pasteur.
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Macon (Locaboat)

Locaboat base - the middle of the beautiful Saône-et-Loire is Locaboats base 1 km from the Mâcon center.
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Saint-Leger-sur-Dheune (Locaboat)

Locaboat harbor - the port is located along the Canal du Centre in the beautiful town of Saint-Léger-sur-Dheune.
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Scey-sur-Saone (Locaboat)

Locaboat base - From the base in Scey-sur-Saone, there are good opportunities to visit the gourmet restaurants and cultural experiences.
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Waterway Guide - Burgundy: Franche-Comté


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