Holidays in Burgundy Nivernais Loire

On the edges of Burgundy fabulous Nivernais Loire region - the quiet meandering Canal Latéral à la Loire runs parallel to the river Loire and offers fantastic views of scattered hillsides with vineyards - and the magnificent river Loire itself.

Since there are few locks locks to navigate through, this is an easy place to cruise. In combination with the other waterways in the area, such as Canal du Nivernais, the river Yonne and Seine River, offers a perfect opportunity to experience the lush, gentle and peaceful countryside from a unique perspective.

It is very popular to sail one-way between Migennes and Tannay - past Auxerre and the beautiful vine slopes in Chablis.



Local Attractions

  • The delicious goat cheese Crottin de Chavignol - a local speciality
  • The pretty little bookshops in Charité-sur-Loire and the old river barge city of Marseilles-les-Aubigny
  • Formula 1 museum at Magny Court racetrack close by Plagny
  • Town of Nevers and its rich cultural heritage

Migennes (Le Boat)

Le Boat base - In the immediate vicinity of the rivers Yonne, Armencon and Serein, has Migennes been closely linked to the area's waterways for centuries. Since the Middle Ages, the city has been the center of the commercial routes through Burgundy and a center of the religious France.
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Tannay (Le Boat)

Le Boat port - Tannay is located in the middle of an interesting wine-region that is spreading all over the limestone fields - and they produce excellent dry white wine.
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Decize (Le Boat)

Le Boat port - From Decize you can sail through the Nivernais-Loire region - here it is almost impossible to not be excited about the areas cozyness, and feel totally relaxed.
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Nevers Plagny (Nicols)

Nicols port in Plagny - You will sail through a beautiful landscape consisting of forrest landscapes and small charming villages - And you are definitely not going to miss exciting places to stop the boat.
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Venarey-les-Laumes (Nicols)

Nicols port in Venarey-les-Laumes - From Venarey you can sail on Canal de Bourgogne - one of the most well-known canals in France - and it snakes through the beautiful landscapes of Bourgogne.
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Briare (Locaboat)

Locaboat port - On the Loire river between Orleans and Nevers in Locaboats' port located in the city of Briare.
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Joigny (Locaboat)

Locaboat base - Surrounded by Côte St Jacques' vines are Joigny along L'Yonne River. From here you can sail out on the Canal du Nivernais and the Canal du Bourgogne from Locaboats base.
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Corbigny (Locaboat)

Locaboat base -  You have close access to restaurants and in Corbigny shopping is possible and a lot of exciting attractions.
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Dompierre-sur-Besbre (Locaboat)

Locaboat base - In Dompierre-sur-Besbre where Locaboat have a base, there are good restaurants, various shops and many interesting sights and activities.
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