Holidays on Canal du Midi

A boating holiday on the historic Canal du Midi will be calm sailing through southern France´s sun-soaked vineyards between Toulouse in the west to Agde close to the Mediterranean beaches to the east. Follow the meandering channel under the patchy shadows of the plane trees, through quaint little country towns as Trèbes and Homps, past green vineyards and yellow sunflower fields. Sail under beautiful oval arched stone bridges and on exiting elevated aqueducts.

Berth near the medieval citadel of Carcassonne with the famous intact old town. Study the ancient bookstores in the antiquarian town of Le Somail or taste the legendary stew Cassoulet in Castelnaudary - the town with the beautiful docks. Sail on the Canal de la Robine to romanesque Narbonne which boats an impressive cathedral and an interesting roman museum.

Adorable restaurants tempt you with typical local dishes and lovely Languedoc wines purchased in the local caves du vin (small wine stores), so why not moor along the channel for an extended lunch stop. Buy delicious food in a market or take a step back in time with some sightseeing. You could also just relax and enjoy the lovely surroundings, while the sun casts warm rays on the deck. Pour a glass of wine and savour wonderful southern France.


Cruising advice

Sail from one of our 9 bases on Midi and possibly, on to the Camargue-area along the Mediterranean. You can sail round-trip or one-way.

Le Somail (Nicols)

Nicols base in Le Somail
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Port Lauragais (Nicols)

Nicols base in Port Lauragais
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Negra (Locaboat)

Originally, this base was the first stop for the old postal boats that sailed between Toulouse and Agde in the 19th century. WC and shower available in the base's opening hours.
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Trebes (Le Boat)

Le Boat base - There is a short distance from the idyllic base in Trébes to the breathtaking medieval town Carcassonne.
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Homps (Le Boat)

Le Boat base in Homps - Homps base allows you to explore both the Canal du Midi and Camargue - and is a perfect place for sailing throughout the year. The warm Mediterranean sun and shade from the thousands of cypress and pine trees stand along the rivers' banks, has enchanted visitors sailors for centuries.
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Port-Cassafieres (Le Boat)

Le Boat base in Port-Cassafières- Mediterranean atmosphere and a wealth of exciting activities.
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Argens (Locaboat)

Locaboat harbor - between Midi and the Camargue is Loca Boats harbor Argens-Minervois
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Castelnaudary (Le Boat)

Le Boat port in Castelnaudary - approximately 70 km Southeast of Toulouse is Castelnaudary, home to the stew Cassoulet as well as 12.000 inhabitants.
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Waterway Guide - Canal du Midi


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