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The Charente River in western France is also called the loveliest river in France. Discover the charms of this region, which is especially famous for its fine cognac, excellent cuisine and Roman art and architecture. The sailing route west to Rochefort near the Atlantic Ocean brings you to the famous vineyards around Cognac - a visit to this elegant city with a tour of distilleries such as Hennessy and Remy Martin is a certain highlight.

The eastern sailing route goes through the river-valley and past the old chocolate factory Trois-Palis and to Angoulême with the proud cathedral from the 12th century. The region was also formerly home to lucrative paper production.

The Charente River flows softly and is easy to navigate on. There are no lock operators, so the locks are operated by the skippers themselves. After St. Savinien and towards Rochefort, the river is however under the tidal influence of the sea, and this last stretch is recommended only for people with previous experience. Rochefort was founded under Louis XIV to accommodate his contemporary fleet and is still today an important historical centre for maritime traditions. Enjoy the fresh ocean air and glorious seafood restaurants.


Jarnac (Le Boat)

Le Boat base in Jarnac - Jarnac is placed on the banks of the beautiful Charente-river and is the perfect place to start an exciting and active riverboat holiday in the area. The area is known for it's cognac production.   
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Sireuil (Nicols)

Nicols port in Sireuil
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Saintes (Locaboat)

Locaboats base Saintes at the Charente river
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Waterway Guide - The Charente River


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