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Holidays on River Lot

The Lot River meanders between broad valleys with vineyards and narrow mountain gorges - under the steep limestone cliffs and past gushing rivers - west to the Gallic city Luzech and east to Larnagol. Look forward to the many castles, medieval villages like St Cirq Lapopie and Laroque - or adorable Verses for swimming in the clear water.

An otter hunting along the riverbank, kingfishers and herons fish for food, with birds of prey hovering above the sky. A glass of the powerful Cahors wine can be enjoyed on a sunny café accompanied by a dish of foie gras and truffles.



Cruising advice

  • It is possible to take off from 2 bases on River Lot - Douelle and Bouzies.
  • On the Lot, you'll find unmanned and manual locks operated quite easily by sailors themselves. There may be higher currents and higher water levels in the river with the limitations this may cause, and therefore, we recommend the area for guests with prior experience in river navigation.


Besøg Bouzies for hulerne og museet ”Pech-Merle”, som ligger 6 km fra byen. Her ligger der 7 huler med mere end 200.000 år gamle malerier af mammutter, heste og mennesker. Læg til ved PK 189,5 på venstre side, hvor der er adgang til vand.
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Douelle (Le Boat)

Le Boat Base - Douelle and the Lot river around the city is shrouded in history. The Lot river has been used for the trade in wine and food from Cahors, since the Middle Ages.
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Bouzies (Nicols)

Nicols base in Bouzies
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Cahors (Locaboat)

Locaboat Base - rivers around the city is shrouded in history. Lot river is used for trade in wines and foods from Cahors since the Middle Ages.
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Cahors (Nicols)

Nicols base - Located in the pretty Lot Valley, you will find Nicols' base in Cahors. This is an outstanding sailing area for those who have some experience with sailling.
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Waterway Guide - River Lot


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