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Boating Holidays in Germany

Boating Holidays in Mecklenburg and Brandenburg in Germany's northeastern corner, a magnificent patchwork of hundreds of lakes, rivers and canals spread over an idyllic countryside. A large recreational area with clean air and clear waters are immensely popular for families on a week's boating holiday as well as boating enthusiasts in general.

The national park is a paradise for flora and fauna with large herds of deer in the extensive forests. Many scenic bridges represent a perfect stop for a picnic, hiking and biking.Müritz See is Germany's largest lake, and there is a lot of activities such as canoeing and sailing. Enjoy the slow pace, punctuated by a refreshing beer and a good meal at a café in one of the many quaint historic towns.

We also have a base in Berlin, so enjoy an extraordinary holiday, with the unique atmosphere that prevails in a large city as Berlin.

Highlights for sailing in Germany:

  • Medieval towns in Brandenburg
  • Amazing animal and bird life in the Spreewald nature preserve
  • Fairytale castles at Rheinberg and Furstenberg
  • Sanssouci Palace in Potsdam
  • Berlin's stunning architecture rejuvenation; the historic buildings and monuments and the hectic lifestyle
  • Müritz lake - great for boating, swimming and water sports and cycling
  • Sculpture Museum in Plau
  • Aqua Riet in Waren
  • Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church in Berlin
  • The harbour promenade in Robel
  • The beaches at Werder
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