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Boating Holidays in Germany

Mecklenburg & Brandenburg

Boating Holidays in Mecklenburg and Brandenburg in Germany's northeastern corner, a magnificent patchwork of hundreds of lakes, rivers and canals spread over an idyllic countryside. A large recreational area with clean air and clear waters are immensely popular for families on a week's boating holiday as well as boating enthusiasts in general.

The national park is a paradise for flora and fauna with large herds of deer in the extensive forests. Many scenic bridges represent a perfect stop for a picnic, hiking and biking.Müritz See is Germany's largest lake, and there is a lot of activities such as canoeing and sailing. Enjoy the slow pace, punctuated by a refreshing beer and a good meal at a café in one of the many quaint historic towns. We also have a base in Berlin, so enjoy an extraordinary holiday, with the unique atmosphere that prevails in a large city as Berlin.


Mecklenburg & Brandenburg

Boating Holidays in Mecklenburg and Brandenburg

Highlights for sailing in Germany: 

  • Medieval towns in Brandenburg
  • Amazing animal and bird life in the Spreewald nature preserve
  • Fairytale castles at Rheinberg and Furstenberg
  • Sanssouci Palace in Potsdam
  • Berlin's stunning architecture rejuvenation; the historic buildings and monuments and the hectic lifestyle
  • Müritz lake - great for boating, swimming and water sports and cycling
  • Sculpture Museum in Plau
  • Aqua Riet in Waren
  • Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church in Berlin
  • The beaches at Werder
  • The harbour promenade in Robel

About boating vacation in Germany - Practical Tips

Mecklenburg and Brandenburg is a great natural and recreational area with abundant wildlife of red deer and game birds. There are numerous biking and hiking trail, canoes and sailboats. Beautiful old spa towns, stately homes and properties - which lovingly restored in ancient classical styles. Unique to Mecklenburg are long rows of beautiful fishing houses built in wood in the shallows. Sometimes, you can buy freshly smoked fish.

The larger lakes

The lakes Plauer See and See Müritz can be crossed where there are buoys and under certain conditions. For example, wear life jackets, and lakes must not be crossed at wind speeds above 4 Beaufort.

Before passage should be obtained wind and weather. Call the base or ask gate guard.

Harbour dues

If you want to stay overnight in one of the many small harbours and marinas around the towns, it costs a fee approximately € 1.5 per. boat meter for an overnight stay. The ports are crowded in season, so do not arrive too late.

The gates

The gates in the area are automatic and are mostly served by a lockmaster, others are served by the crew. The gates are open during the day, see more details about the locks.


Supermarkets and stores in all major cities are usually open weekdays and are usually closed on Sundays. Ask at the base upon arrival.

Nature lovers

UNESCO has awarded the nature reserve Spreewald in Brandenburg as the finest for nature lovers. The walking trails through forests, wetlands and meadows and abundant wildlife thrive here. Equally exciting is Müritz National Park in Mecklenburg, where there are miles of biking and hiking trails.

Water sports

Seascape in Mecklenburg is a water playground with scattered resorts and spas. Water sports holidays are hugely popular. You can rent a motor boat for water skiing, rent jet skis and windsurfing. In Brandenburg, you can enjoy water sports at Werder,

"The 1000 lakes" is the right name for this area - there are lakes everywhere - and fishing is prominent around Müritz lake. Challenge yourself to catch walleye, perch and carp during your boat vacation here. In lakes, more than 50 species! You need a fishing license and a license to fish in Germany. If the foreigner is not a license can be purchased at the tourist account clean. The fish board (vegetarian fish or game fish) which applies to more than 20 lakes and the river Havel costs about 35, - € /week/person.

History and heritage

The castle in Mirow and Rheinberg and Sanssouci Palace is unique. In Neustrelitz can relax in the public parks and admire the Gothic chapel and of course get there your historic visit to monuments, buildings and museums in Berlin and Potsdam to your historical experiences.

Families and children

Spend some time with the kids in the museum and Aqua Riet in Müritz. The garden features a "bee house" where families can learn about beekeeping. Take the children on a walk in the beautiful Brandenburg Spreewald or Terrarium Jabel in Mecklenburg. See also. (in German only)


There is a great selection of everything from the simple cafe serving the finest restaurant in the comfortable distance of waterways. Nor will you not have problems with shopping in well-stocked stores. Try smoked fish, which is the major local special oxygenated: carp, trout and eel and you can buy them in the many small smokehouses, run by local fishermen and guarantee the day fresh quality. Recommended restaurants:

  • Zum Yachthafen Furstenberg (Tel. +49 3309 360830)
  • Fischgaststatte zum Stolpsee in Wesenberg (Tel. +49 33089 43038)
  • Der Seehof Rheinsberg (Tel. +49 033 931 4030)
  • Borchard's Rookhus in Wesenberg (Tel. +49 39 832 500)
  • There Müritzhof in Robel (Tel. + 49 39931-51265)
  • Hafenblick in Mild Berg (Tel. +49 3307-310296)
  • Das kleine Meer in Waren (Tel. +49 3991-6480)
  • Windfang in Waren (Tel. +49 3991-668465)


The town, which a few years ago, Europe's largest construction site has now thrown its scaffolding (almost) to be transformed. Since the summer of 1999, Berlin is Germany's official capital and the city combine the ultra modern with the old established buildings such as the Reichstag with the new glass dome, the Brandenburg Gate and Museum Island. Go also explore outside these areas famous for discovering the original spirit of Berlin - with your riverboat recommended to visit Kreuzberg and Oranientor areas. From his riverboat, you can visit some of the city's neighbourhoods, for example. Charlottenburg and Kreuzberg in a new way. Berlin offers you a lot and conveniently located and free tillægningsssteder 24 hours. In the city centre, you should stop when you here only a few steps from the Brandenburg Gate and Alexanderplatz TV tower.

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