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Enjoy Germany’s beautiful lakes in Mecklenburg or the Brandenburg/Potsdam area near Berlin.


Mecklenburg is to be found in the most northerneast parts of Germany – a truly magnificent patchwork of hundreds of lakes, rivers and canals spread over an idyllic countryside. Mecklenburg is a large recreational area with clean air and clear waters, and the region is an immensely popular sailing area for families as well as boating enthusiasts.

The magnificent castles of Mirow, Rheinsberg and Fürstenberg are idyllically situated down the riverside, and Medieval villages with half-timbered houses and topped cobblestones makes the pretty scenery in the interesting landscape.


Sail towards Müritzsee, Germany's largest lake. Here you will find lots of activity such as canoeing, local sailors, fishing and many other activities. In Mecklenburg you can do a riverboat holiday in a pleasant pace, only to be interrupted by a cold beer and a good meal at a café in one of the many charming and historic towns.

For the angler, Müritzsee is a true paradise with more than 50 fish species, including walleye, perch and carp. You can also take the kids to Müritzeum Museum.


Riverboats in Germany

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Practical information about sailing in Germany

Here you'll find practical information that is good to know when going on a boating holiday in Germany


The locks in the Mecklenburg and Brandenburg area are ether automatic and manned or automatic self-service locks. The locks are free of charge.

Anchoring for the night?

In Germany mooring along the channels is prohibited. Instead you can anchor out on the lakes, or you can pay a small fee to stay in a marina overnight.

The sailing area

The two sailing areas are very suitable for beginners. There might be some traffic in certain areas, and if you’re sailing on the large lakes (i.e. Müritzsee), you’ll need to be aware in windy conditions.

Do I need a certificate?

In Mecklenburg (down to Liebenswalde) you can sail without certificate. If you wish to sail further south, you must have at least an ICC approved speedboat certificate. The certificate must be sent beforehand, so that when you arrive at the base, you can get a temporary German certificate.

Mandatory theory lesson

When arriving at the base in Germany you’ll need to attend a mandatory theory lesson. The lesson lasts approximately 2 hours. After the theory lesson you’ll receive a practical introduction to you boat, where you’ll get to try mooring and sailing through a lock. These lessons take place before the actual renting period. If you have an ICC approved sailing certificate, you might be able to obtain acquittal from the theory lesson. However, many choose to attend anyways, as it is a fine introduction to sailing in Germany.

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