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Inspiration for boating holidays in Brandenburg

Brandenburg offers relaxation, culture, nature experiences and city holiday. Relaxation and many kinds of beautiful nature, countless streams, rivers and lakes attract many sailors each year, those that visit this beautiful region will be fascinated with the very special beauty of this enchanting region.

Brandenburg has 3,000 lakes and more than 30,000 km of waterways that winds through forests, passing numerous castles and palaces and countless attractions.

Only a boating holiday offers this kind of freedom: feel free to anchor on the lakes and enjoy the star-sprinkled night sky above the natural "swimming pool"; or make use of all the great facilities in marinas.

For those who want to live more comfortably, you can choose one of the free berths in Berlin and conquer the capital.

With your riverboat you can sail easily and effortlessly around Brandenburg's stunning landscapes, a huge and true nature oasis, where you can see beavers, eagles and otters in their element, anywhere there is wildlife to admire.

The river Havel is a long, quiet river. It rises in the Mecklenburg lake landscape and flows through Brandenburg and Berlin. Sail from Marina Wolfsbruck to Potsdam, send us a mail or use our search engine for selection of boats.

Potsdam (Le Boat)

Le Boat base - Potsdam is better known as Germany's Versailles, and the ancient home for the kings of Prussia.
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