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Inspiration for boating holidays in Brandenburg

Brandenburg offers relaxation, culture, nature experiences and city holiday. Relaxation and many kinds of beautiful nature, countless streams, rivers and lakes attract many sailors each year, those that visit this beautiful region will be fascinated with the very special beauty of this enchanting region.

Brandenburg has 3,000 lakes and more than 30,000 km of waterways that winds through forests, passing numerous castles and palaces and countless attractions.

Only a boating holiday offers this kind of freedom: feel free to anchor on the lakes and enjoy the star-sprinkled night sky above the natural "swimming pool"; or make use of all the great facilities in marinas.

For those who want to live more comfortably, you can choose one of the free berths in Berlin and conquer the capital.

With your riverboat you can sail easily and effortlessly around Brandenburg's stunning landscapes, a huge and true nature oasis, where you can see beavers, eagles and otters in their element, anywhere there is wildlife to admire.

The river Havel is a long, quiet river. It rises in the Mecklenburg lake landscape and flows through Brandenburg and Berlin. Sail from Marina Wolfsbruck to Potsdam, send us a mail or use our search engine for selection of boats.

Brandenburg an der Havel

Explore the incredibly beautiful nature with the river Havel as the centre here in the city that has given its name to the entire region. The city is home to one of the biggest water sports areas in all of Europe. The lake Beetzsee is perfect for many different activities on the water. The many lakes and waterways here are also home to many species of birds which will enthuse those with a love of nature. Among the species you can see here is cranes, eagles, storks and veritable menagerie of other birds and animals. Brandenburg an der Havel also boasts an extremely rich historic background which goes all the way back to the first Slavic tribes settling in the area. Today you can see exceptional examples of Gothic brick buildings in both the many churches and the city’s four watchtowers, that is left standing from the old medieval city wall.   
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Placed beautifully on a small island in the river Havel you almost can’t miss the city of Werder, also known as “the flower city,” when you go on a boating holiday in Brandenburg. During the summer there is a lot of different festivals here celebrating the beauty of the city. Werder is also an ideal place to stop and pick up your fishing gear. Here you can catch many different species such as catfish, eel and bream. If you would rather explore on solid ground, then viticulture is the second largest trade in Werder after fishing. Viticulture was brought to the area by Cistercian monks who arrived in Brandenburg from the Champagne Region in France and founded a monastery here in 1180.  
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You’ll find the charming historic town of Oranienburg in the middle of a forest north of the capital Berlin. Here the imposing white Baroque palace watches over the Havel river. The castle is a testimony of the region’s greatness under the kingdom of Prussia. Originally named Bötzow the city was rechristened when Duke Frederick William married Luise Henriette of Oranien-Nassau. He built the palace in honour of his new wife, who named it Schloss Oranienburg. Shortly after the whole town took the name Oranienburg. If you want to indulge your senses and give the younger members of your crew a great experience, you should take a walk in the large gardens of the palace. Here you can explore the 16 “garden rooms”, each of which is designed in its own unique style. If the younger generations want a little more action, then the large play area is also worth a visit. This includes a collection of funny and weird garden gnomes.   
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Sail across the lake Templiner See to get to the city of Caputh from the base in Potsdam. Even if the name might suggest otherwise this is not boring and kaput. On the lake you can enjoy all sorts of water sports or you can enjoy a beautiful hike in the idyllic nature around the city. You’ll also find many interesting buildings worth a visit in Caputh. Swing by the castle with its beautiful gardens designed by the famous landscaper Peter-Joseph Lenné, who also designed the gardens of the Sanssouci Palace in Potsdam. The city is also known for its beautiful church with a free-standing belfry and for being the place of Albert Einstein’s vacation home. The famous scientist only owned the house for 4 years before being forced to flee Germany by the Nazis. The holiday home is the only remaining of the properties Einstein owned when he left Germany.
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Potsdam (Le Boat)

Le Boat port in Potsdam - Potsdam is better known as Germany's Versailles, and the ancient home for the kings of Prussia.
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