Inspiration for boating holidays in Mecklenburg

The waterways in Mecklenburg in northeastern Germany is an adventure of waterways with more than 1000 lakes connected with quiet canals and rivers - with palaces, castles and medieval towns just waiting to be discovered - on your boating holiday you will be greeted by wonderful experiences and modern marinas.

On land, you will find pine forests, ancient woodlands and rolling fields and a perfect area for hiking, biking and picnics in the open; a variety of water sports can be tried as an added pleasure during your trip.

It is recommended to visit in the charming 1300 century town Plau am See, located on the outskirts of the Mürits-Elde waterway.

The old half-timbered houses, an old mill and medieval tower show the city's past. The nearby town of Waren with its modern marina and the charming old town is a popular tourist spot - and a good place to dock.

In Mirow, on the southern coast of Lake Mirow, you and your party must try the speciality of smoked eel.

By Grienick lake you can enjoy a stroll in the beautiful park surrounding Rheinsberg castle, where you can experience beautiful open-air concerts throughout the summer. The town of Rheinberg from the 18th century.

The eastern shore of this great Müritz lake bordering Muritz National Park, where if you're lucky, you'll see deer and rare birds like the white-tailed eagles, etc.

On Malchow Lake is the old town Malchow - a good base from which to discover and explore the beautiful surrounding waterways and looking at the wildlife and birds at close range. Fürstenberg/Gransee has been appointed as the first city in Germany for its clean air and water quality.

Jabel (Le Boat)

Le Boat base in Jabel - The base in Jabel provides access to a great sailing area with interesting lakes and breathtaking landscapes.  
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Marina Wolfsbruch (Le Boat)

Le Boat base in Wolfsbruch - The areas Brandenburg and Mecklenburg i some of the most breathtaking regions in Europe. The impressive wild landscape, with green meadows, lakes and rivers.
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Lübz (Nicols)

Nicols base in Lübz boasts the most beautiful scenery in the region - and you can sail on the river Elde over a distance of more than 180km. In five hours you can reach Plau.
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Fürstenberg (Locaboat)

Locaboat port - From Locaboats port at Fürstenberg, there will be access to riverboat vacation in both the Mecklenburg and Brandenburg regions.
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Fürstenberg (Nicols)

Nicols base - in Fürstenberg
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Waterway Guide: Mecklenburg and Brandenburg

Waterway Guide

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