Boating holiday in Holland

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Boating holiday on the traditional rivers and canals in Holland.

Life on the water is a tradition in Holland - so embark on a sailing holiday aboard your riverboat and get a true Dutch experience! From the works of world-renowned Dutch painters to famous cheeses -the blossoming tulip fields in the spring, windmills and picturesque bridges reflecting in the glittering water throughout the infinite network of canals and sparkling lakes.

Sleepy fishing villages in northern Friesland alternate with the more cosmopolitan Utrecht and Amsterdam's beautiful curved gables dating back to the 15th-16th century. Dock your boat directly at the market square in the picturesque towns or a cosy restaurant with a view of the daily life along the canal.

Seatravel Seatravel offer departure from Vinkeveen and Loosdrecht near Amsterdam - and Hindeloopen in the scenic area further north



Rent a riverboat in Woudsend and Friesland in Holland and visit Amsterdam, Utrecht, Sneek, Muide and Giethoorn among others.

Highlights for sailing in Friesland: 

  • A network of lakes and channels in the picturesque countryside
  • Excellent facilities for yachtsmen and cyclists
  • Amsterdam's cosmopolitan lifestyle
  • The large lock at Muiden
  • This spring colourful tulip fields
  • Giethoorn Holland's Little Venice
  • The great lock at Muiden.
  • Sneek - watersports centre of the region. Enjoy a fun day on the water, visit the colourful shops or a local café.
  • Giethoorn - Holland's "Little Venice".

About boat holidays in Holland - Practical Tips

The Dutch are comfortable and cosy people, who love life around and along the water. For many homes, a houseboat on the water and the dykes along the canals is often used for hiking - and bike trails for Sunday excursions.

Navigation in the Netherlands is easy and the destination is therefore suitable for beginners.

Ten hidden gems in Friesland & Amsterdam

Amsterdam's Royal Palace; Clock Museum in Utrecht; Makkum's Ceramics; Elburg's St. Nicolaaskerk Church; Moller-house in Woudsend; Earnewald's bike paths; Amsterdam's Grand Canal, Utrecht summer festival; shops in Stavoren; Strand Horst resort.

Car transfer can be arranged between departure ports

Bridges and Locks

In Holland's flat areas that do not need so many locks - on the other hand, many picturesque tilting bridges and drawbridges. The lockmasters will, particularly in towns, wait for more boats to pass through the same time, as all other traffic on land stops whenever a boat's going through.

  • "Brug" and "Bruggen" is the Dutch word for bridge. All major bridges have a number and a name. See special fields of the Dutch map where headlines read:
  • "Kunstwerk" = construction/bridge
  • "Naam" = bridge name
  • "Trefwoord" = Place where the bridge can be found on the map
  • "Bijzonderheden" = Special information eg. served by the bridge operator, automatic, self-service, open each half or full hour etc..


The locks are like the bridges, very well maintained. Some places you will be asked to pay a small fee to pass through.


In marinas in the cities, you can also be charged a small amount of accommodation.

  • In Amsterdam, the marina is very central, yet quiet. One can sail his boat through the canals with a little caution and it is the best way to experience the city's attractions. It's free to sail through Amsterdam - but you pay to moor in marinas. See the section on Amsterdam.
  • In Gouda, there is a marina in the middle of the old city.
  • In Utrecht, you can dock directly on the quayside or opposite the cathedral. You will get a plan of the canals and the many bridges at the entrance lock, where you pay a small fee.


Sometimes there's a fee of €1-3 for passage of bridges and locks. The amount is written on the bridge house. The lockmaster often reaches out a long pole with a small bag out to put the fee in. Sometimes there is a large hanging Dutch wooden shoe, in which you put the payment.

If you want to stay in a marina in the cities, it costs about €10-15 per. accommodation. Paying by boat length and number of persons on board. The ports are in season close coated so did not arrive too late.


Only the deep blue lakes and canals in the map can be navigated with the engine both for the draft. The lighter blue areas are designed for kayaks and small boats without an engine. In the channel maps in Holland draft marked in decimeter (note not in meters). Often specified, for example. D21 = water depth of 2.10 m.


Supermarkets and stores in all major cities often open until 20:00 and on Saturdays at 16-17. Most often closed on Sundays in Holland. Ask a precaution at the base upon arrival.

Many towns have a weekly local market with a lively trade of the loveliest flowers, cheeses and delicacies.

Supermarket in Harderwijk (10 min by car), Ermelo, Nijkerk and Markets in Harderwijk Saturday morning.


This section is specifically for our guests sailing from the base at Vinkeveent and wants to visit Amsterdam.

  • For experienced sailors, it is possible to sail to the private marina "Six Haven" (only option). The marina is located diagonally opposite Amsterdam Central Station on the other side of the Rhine Channel, which is a major ship-route. Here is the boat peaceful and quiet, and there is free shuttle ferry from here directly to the centre. BUT it is not recommended to sail on this Rhine Channel due to heavy commercial traffic with many ships. It will generally be a better idea to dock in the town of Weesp (near Muiden), and from there take the local railway into Amsterdam. Trains run approximately every 10 minutes.
  • Living aboard a boat is a way of life in Holland - so climb on board and discover the best way to experience and see this beautiful country. Become friends with the welcoming Dutch people on the waterways, admire the traditional windmills standing along the route, take the boat to one of the nice marinas with modern facilities for visiting yachtsmen.
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