Welcome to Hungary

Discover the king of wines, Tokaj, while you sail through the beautiful rural districts of Hungary

Welcome to Hungary; the country, which for many is the equivalent of heavy casseroles seasoned with paprika, a language that curls your tongue and the capital's beautiful parliament building.

Hungary is in many ways completely its own, but also a hidden paradise. And now, as something new, you can experience Hungary from the riverfront - with a riverboat holiday booked through Seatravel.

Hungary's waterways are quiet and tranquil, completely free from locks, and the surrounding landscapes are natural and unspoilt - perfect for fishermen, nature and bird lovers, and enthusiasts for everything you can do to enjoy life outdoors.

In Hungary, boat trips are offered in the following two areas; Kisköre on the Tisza River and Tokaj on the Bodrog River. With two bases in the area, you are met by a big selection of trip opportunities.


Riverboats in Hungary


A comfortable calmness and exceptional nature experience await you when sailing on the rivers through the rural areas of Hungary. Here you can visit the famous wine region Tokaj whose wines King Louis XIV (known as the Sun King) described as “the wine of kings and the king of wines”.

Highlights in Bodrog/Tisza: 

  • Wines from Tokaj
  • The castles in Sárospatak and Andrassy
  • Hortobágy National Park with the famous Puszta grassland plain
  • Zemplén Adventure Park
  • An amazing birdlife

Practical information about sailing in Hungary

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