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The base in Kisköre

You will find the base in Kisköre, beautifully located in Hortobágy National Park, which provides the setting for a nature experience out of the ordinary.

In late May and early June, you can experience one of the most fascinating natural phenomena in Europe. When millions of circular mayflies create huge clouds over the river, they mate and then die, in a matter of hours. The event is also called "The bloom of the Tisza".

The area has no large cities, but small and charming villages. Moreover, there is an abundance of pretty, natural scenery and an interesting wildlife.

Here you will also experience the Puszta, the vast grassland found around Lake Tisza and the eastern parts of Hungary. Herds of buffaloes, oxen and wild horses all live together in the area. The animals are guarded by the Hungarian cowboys, "csikos", in their traditional costume.

On a 1-week boat rental based in Kisköre, you can reach the lake Tisza to Tiszalök and return to the base in Kisköre.

The base in Tokaj

The area's second base, the Tokaj base, is located in northern Hungary, near the Slovak border. The Tokaj region is protected by UNESCO and so it has made its mark worldwide for its good wines. And then the area is amazing to the history nerd.

Onboard the boat you’ll pass through areas of vineyards located at the foot of the Zemplén mountains and old forest-covered volcanoes. The vines from this region have made the region known in the field of winemaking. Are you a family with kids, the zipline and bobsleigh in Zemplén Kalandpark is a must.

In the upper Tisza you can take a swim in the river - a unique experience when on a riverboat.

On a 1-week boat rental starting in Tokaj you can reach Sátoraljaújhely and Dombrád before turning around and sailing back to the base in Tokaj. In Sárospatak you can see the end of the Rákócki castle from the Renaissance.

Pictures from the area - Bodrog & Tisza

Pictures from the area - Bodrog & Tisza
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Kisköre (Nicols)

Nicols base - Kisköre
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Tokaj (Nicols)

Nicols base - Tokaj
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