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Canal Trips and Boating Holidays in Italy

A glass of wine enjoyed at a sidewalk cafe, while La Dolce Vita passes in the sun. Venice is built on 118 small islands and invites to a fantastic boating holiday. Sail to Murano and experience the glass blowing workshops - or go to Burano where the finest lace is produced - and don´t forget Torcello with its impressive basilica. The resorts along the Lido offers swimming, and if you prefer more peace, then sail on the rivers Sile and Brenta from Padua, which is quite idyllic.

One can hardly imagine anything more romantic than sailing from the lagoon into Venice, one of the world's most beautiful cities by the sea. From your boat, you can enjoy the impressive view of the Doge's Palace. Experience the ambience of the maze of narrow alleys in the city, Marcus Squares's vibrant life and exclusive shops.


Venice & Friuli

Sailing in Italy is both a romantic and unique experience.

Highlights for sailing around Venedig & Friuli: 

  • Fine sandy beaches of Jesolo and Lido
  • Venetian Renaissance art and culture
  • Enjoy the spectacular bird and wildlife in the Po Delta - an area of outstanding natural beauty
  • The fish market in Chioggia
  • Rich in tradition craft on the islands
  • Delicious meals and wines everywhere
  • Visit the charming island of Burano with its lace production
  • Great Italian food and wine wherever you go

About boating holidays in Italy - Practical Tips

Sailing in Italy is both a romantic and unique experience. Enjoy Venice - one of the world's most beautiful and cities and visit the colourful surrounding small islands in the lagoon. Sailing in the Po Delta or on the beautiful rivers Brenta and Sile.

Sailing in Italy

Venice lagoon requires some sailing experience. The lagoon is directly linked to the Adriatic Sea, and up to 1 m tide may occur. Sailing out at sea is prohibited.

In the lagoon and around the city of Venice, there is significantly more traffic than on the canals, a lively and very interesting jumble of tourist boats, water buses, water taxis and commercial boats, all of which have unconditional priority. To manoeuvre here - require control and vigilance!


By mooring: Be aware of the up to 1 m tides in the lagoon, so the boat will not suddenly stand on the ground because at low tide, or are inclined moorings at high tide - at the risk of damage to the boat. The boat is moored with sufficient slack adapted so that it can follow the tide up and down.

Locks and bridges

  • Locks and bridges are often closed between approximately 12:30 to 14:00.
  • Brenta Canal (Padova): normally closed on Mondays.
  • Delta del Po Park: always open.
  • Silea lock against Treviso centre: Opening Order two days in advance.
  • Always ask at the base of any changes.
  • All locks and lift bridges in the Venetian Lagoon and surrounding waterways are automatic.


... is not cheap, but an unforgettable experience, also from the sea! Best berths are at San Giorgio opposite San Marco and to St di Elena (can be arranged with base staff before departure). From there, frequent waterbuses ("vaporetto") to the centre for sightseeing.

You can also choose to be in the lovely and modern marina at Jesolo (on the other side of the lagoon) - and take the water bus over to Venice.

Venice's internal channels such as Canal Grande is NOT used for navigation.

The islands of Burano and Torcello around Venice is adorable as attending the boat, but it can be challenging to find appropriate fortøjringspladser.

Vaporetto (water bus)

Sailing in regular trades all day and approximately midnight. It pays to buy a voucher, valid for x number of trips or 24 or 48 h hours.

Water taxis

Small sailing fast boats that you just have to watch out for when sailing in navigation channels. It also looks fine Italian men who are operating in their speedboat ride from home to work - (instead of running in bilJ)


There are a lot of exciting shopping opportunities in both Jesolo, Venice, Treviso and Padua.

  • There are good traditional shops in Casier and Chioggia.
  • At Porto Levante buy into Rosolina or Porto Viro (6-7km). By Precenicco is approximately 1.5 km to the supermarket.
  • Hours generally: 08:30 to 12:30 and 16:00 to 19:00. Some are closed on Sundays, others on Mondays.
  • Open market located in Riva Vena Chioggia (closed Sundays).
  • Large market day Thursday 08th-13.00: Corso del Popolo in Chioggia.
  • And both Chioggia and Venice's's major fish markets worth a visit.

Ask a precaution at the base upon arrival.


There are many opportunities to enjoy the world-famous Italian cuisine at some of the many restaurants that are found in many different levels - both price and quality.

Sail trenches

The water level in the lagoon is at several places sometimes so low that you sail through narrow channels marked "Briccola". The system is simple to follow and there are also smaller and larger "intersection", but you will soon find out the system. You also get to foot instructions with pictures on arrival and the system is clearly described with photos in the channel map book. The Venetian waterways can be pretty busy, so we recommend the area for people with prior knowledge.

Biennial in Venice

5 hours by boat from the base in Casale sul Sile. The International Art Exhibition takes place from early June to the end of November each year in the Giardini and Arsenale, but also other places you can experience exhibitions in the city. Besides the central pavilion, which was built in 1895 and expanded and renovated several times over the years, there are 29 national pavilions, raised by the participating countries in the park area since 1907 (including the Danish pavilion). These pavilions represent a fine anthology of 20th-century architecture including great artists like Aalto Hoffmann Rietved, Scarpa and Stirling.


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