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Boating holiday in Poland

Masuria, which until World War 2 was part of East Prussia, became Christian in the 13th century - and during your boating vacation you can see the ruins of castles and palaces from this time on many hilltops.

The small towns along the route have been popular resorts since the 1920s for boating, fishing and swimming and there are many festivals and concerts throughout the summer. The town of Mikolajki where one of our bases is located is one of the most attractive cities in Masuria. There are many historic buildings dating from the 18th and 19th century. Visit the Wildlife Park at Kadzidlowo and the city also has many beautifully renovated traditional houses. Visit Fort Boyen, which is a symbol of Poland's difficult past. In the small town of Wegorzewo is found only 20 kilometers from the Russian border - the city is worth a visit with its many artisans and for the good sandy beach at Trygort.



In north-eastern Poland, immediately south of the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad, lies Masuria - the land of the 1000 lakes, stretching from south to north with a network of lakes, canals and rivers that wind through lush forests. It is nature lover's paradise - the whole area has a unique fauna and numerous rare bird species.

Highlights for sailing in Poland: 

  • Lovely harbors
  • Excellent fishing opportunities
  • Beautiful landscapes and connected lakes
  • Local attractions
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About boat holidays in Poland - Practical Tips

Exceptional nature and navigation on large, clean lakes connected by short channels. Good fishing and anchoring for the night allowed.

The bases in Mikolajki and Gizycko.

The city and port, about 240 km from Warsaw airport in the northeast corner of Poland by the Russian border. Taxi from the airport can be arranged for prices around € 250-300, Appendix for suitcases and dog may occur. There is a tourist office near the base. Both can be taken when they are ready between the hours. 14 and 18 Common instructions on starting the day at. 15:30.

Supermarkets - procurement

There is shopping in Mikolajki and Gizycko within walking distance of the harbor and towns have market days of the week during the season. Prices are generally very reasonable. Local specialties include beer and vodka and fresh vegetables from the market square. Supermarkets are open seven days a week. No close legislation and therefore very individual opening hours, check signs in the individual stores.


The area has for generations been the Poles sought after resort and has - according to Polish conditions - many harbor cafes and shops. The wildlife is unique with wild wolves, bears, bison, deer and numerous stork nests. Large forests encircling the navigation area. The area was until the second world war, part of East Prussia and was christened in the 13th century. There are many ruined castles on the hilltops especially around Gizycko, Worgorzeno and Ryn. In the summer months, many festivals and concerts in small towns on the route. Nature Park and Zoo in Kadzidlowo is worth a visit and there are generally many beautiful buildings in the area that dates back to the 18th and 19th centuries.

Sail area

In Poland sail mainly on lakes that are connected by short channels of more than 6 km footpath. Mooring and anchoring of these channels are not allowed. In the shallower parts of the lakes is permissible to lie at anchor. The largest lake "Sniardwy" must not be navigable in the wind exceeds 3 on the Beaufort scale (about 6 m / s). The water is clean and suitable for swimming and fishing. You must also buy a license for each lake, in the absence of a general fishing license. They can be purchased at post offices, petrol stations and tourist offices in the area.

Ports, bridges, mooring

Mooring in ports billed by. kajmeter they use, therefore, recommended mooring stern perpendicular to the dock - and not mooring alongside. Port fee is extremely reasonable. The area has only two locks, and you pay a little for its use. Over the channel between the lakes "Niegocin" and "Kisajno" is a hævebro with regular opening hours, listen closely at the base. Out of season can call / warning for navigational watch may be required.

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