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Explore the exciting Masuria

To the south, you will find the big lake Sniardwy and a national park. To the north lies Ryn, Gizycko and a patchwork of beautiful lakes perfect for fishing and to explore along the banks.

South of Mikolajki, when you come down from Mikolajski Lake, you must choose between sailing on the largest lake in Mazury - Sniardwy Lake to the left or right of a chain of small lakes, past the gate Guzianka - the only lock in the area and it connects some lakes areas like a butterfly knot. Here nature shows its most beautiful side: trees stretching down to the water surface, old willows and herons that lands like ballerinas on the lake. There are small islands in the area you can go to, but at Nida, you cannot operate the motor and you have to go back from where you came. It is a short day's sailing there.



Pisz Forest - a national park. Long ago, the forest was home to aurochs, bears and wolverines - a kind of small bears with a long tail. Here lives now deer, moose, roe deer, wild boar and many more common animals. If you are lucky you might see a small group of wild Polish horses with their grey coat and black mane. However, probably not lucky enough to see wolves or lynx - they live here - but deeper in the 86.000 ha large forest area.

Mikolajki (Locaboat)

Locaboat base - Good starting point for exploring some of the more than 2,000 lakes found in Masuria.
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