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Know more about the Seatravel difference

Portugal has always been a proud seafaring nation - recently it became possible to sail on the large artificial lake Grande Lago aboard one of our quality riverboats.

Grande Lago is Portugal's largest artificial lake. It was created in 2002 to produce electricity and irrigation to the Alentejo-region. The lake has transformed the once sleepy Portuguese countryside to become one of the nation's premier vacation destinations. Although it is difficult to determine the exact size of the reservoir formed by the huge Alquelva dam on the Guadiana river - an estimate is about 25,000 hectares with a coastline of about 745 km. The reservoir reached its full size in 2010 and the area is now screaming to be discovered by sailing enthusiasts and fishermen. The peaks of more than 400 flooded hilltops are now seen as islands where you can dock and explore. Boat rental in Grande Lago is possible from Nicols base in Amieira.

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