Boat vacation with Nicols in Portugal

The Alentejo region is semi-dry and sunny, and with lots of agriculture, viticulture and small industries that have been the main income for area residents. Irrigation from the lake improves their ability to grow valuable crops and spark further development, but the main economic success around the reservoir is tourism.

The modern marina in Amiera, which offers all kinds of service and are the base for Nicol's boat rental in Portugal. As tourism in the Alentejo region has been very limited until now, tourists can experience a completely different Portugal far away from the tourist centres' normal bright lights and busy holiday resorts. The people of the small villages here meet the tourist with kindness, and the towns are still small communities with their picturesque churches and fortifications. Most have local restaurants and cafes or bars that offer interesting local specialities. Because the area around Grande Lago in the old days was battlegrounds for the Moors and the Knights Templar - you will find many old castles and other local buildings that can still be seen in the landscape.



Amieira Marina (Nicols)

From the port at Amieira Marina you can sail on the lake's crystal clear waters, where nature lovers can enjoy swimming, fishing, diving, and the formidable opportunities for wildlife photography.
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