Charming Scotland

Astonishing nature experiences, cosy pubs and excellent golf courses awaits you in Scotland

Welcome to the magical Scottish Highlands where mountains, lochs and deep valleys surrounded by heathery hills and green expanses forms a marvellously beautiful setting for your boating holiday.

Moor your boat next to exciting old buildings or by a cosy Scottish pub where locals and visitors meet in an enjoyable and warm atmosphere, and where a dram of local pure malt whisky warms the soul. Along the canals you’ll also find a lot of biking and hiking trails, perfect for a little exercise during your sailing trip. At Seatravel we offer boating holidays in 2 very different areas of Scotland.

Caledonian Canal

The Caledonian Canal runs across the many lakes of northern Scotland such as the famous Loch Ness. It also connects Scotland’s east coast at Inverness with Fort William on the west coast.

Your trip begins from the base in Laggan in the western part of the Caledonian Canal. From here you are free to sail out into the dramatic and wild Highlands. A unique spot in world, The Highlands are filled with hilltops, high laying castles, idyllic towns along the water, pleasant pubs and melodic bagpipes.


Starting your trip in Falkirk about halfway between the Scottish metropolises of Edinburgh and Glasgow, you will sail in the classic narrowboats.

Experience the extraordinary system of rotating locks known as The Falkirk Wheel. This connects the canals Forth & Clyde (towards Glasgow) and The Union Canal (towards Edinburgh). The Union Canal offers lock-free sailing and along both canals you’ll find peaceful villages and beautiful golf courses.


Riverboats in the United Kingdom

Experience two very different areas in Scotland

We offer boating holidays in two different areas of Scotland.

Riverboat on the Caledonian Canal

Caledonian Canal

Surrounded by breathtakingly beautiful hillsides - the Caledonian Canal connects the highland capital of Inverness on the east coast with Fort William on the west coast. Scotland is the quintessence of Celtic mysteries, myths and legends, and this breathtakingly beautiful sailing area will make you feel like you’ve landed in a magic country.

Highlights along the Caledonian Canal: 

  • Fantastic scenery and views
  • A train ride with the West Highland Railway - a must for all Harry Potter fans
  • The whisky distilleries near Banavie
  • Learn about the culture of the Highlanders in the picturesque village of Fort Augustus
  • Amazing mountain biking
  • The impressive Urquhart Castle
  • Salmon fishing, dolphin watching and watching for the Loch Ness monster Nessie
  • Purchase of a kilt Inverness
  • A railway ride to the top of Ben Nevis for a unique view
Map of the Caledonian Canal
Riverboat in Scotland


Do you want to experience both Scottish nature and the cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh? Then a boating holiday from Falkirk is the perfect answer! Here you’ll enjoy beautiful waterways as they pass right next to green fields of the Scottish golf courses while you slowly approach the rich culture of the metropolises.

Highlights in Falkirk

  • Edinburgh Quay
  • Linlithgow Palace
  • Almond Aqueduct
  • Falkirk Wheel
  • Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum in Glasgow
Map of Glasgow

Practical information about sailing in Scotland

Caledonian Canal connects the North Atlantic and the North Sea - the 60-mile-long passage running from Loch Linnhe to the Moray Firth. The area offers only short sections of channels and on the boat, you’ll find charts to show you where the locks are located. Remember to wear life jacket when passing through a lock.


The markings must be followed - see map aboard.

As you sail up the Caledonian Canal (towards Inverness), the red markings must be on the left side of the boat and the green on the right side of the boat.

When you sail towards Fort William - keep the red on the right side and green on the left side. Stick to the sailing path, on the map indicated by -------- to avoid getting into the shallow waters.

The maps of the sailing area are marked with shallow areas (this is shaded on the map) and buoys to mark the recommended routes or symbols of stones and rocks that you must beware of.


Life jackets should be worn on the larger lakes where the wind can blow up, and always when aboard the dinghy.


The locks are operated by a lockmaster. Normally open 8:00 to 18:00 during high season, sometimes with a shorter lunch break. Lock fees are included in the rental price.


The banks along the Caledonian Canal are quite rocky. You should only moor at designated moorings pontoons and jetties. Moorings are free at most spots along the Caledonian Canal but in a few places, you will be charged a small fee.

Particularly for sailing on the Caledonian Canal

The highland roads leading to the base at Laggan can be quite difficult to navigate. Therefore, we recommend that you take extra driving time of at least an hour or perhaps a litte more into account if you are driving there yourself.

If you end up being late anyways it is important that you call the base as fast as possible. This way the staff can make sure, that you can sleep on the boat overnight and do the check in the next day. It is quite annoying to arrive at a locked boat without a key.

Particularly for sailing from Falkirk

When sailing from Falkirk you can choose between the canals Forth & Clyde Canal, which runs towards Glasgow, and Union Canal, which runs towards Edinburgh.

If you want to sail on the Union Canal, please note that you must book access in advance. But this can be done when you reach the base. Here you will also receive more information about how it is done.

Golf courses

Scotland is the birthplace of the noble sport of golf. Look at our overview of courses along your route if you want to play a round on the neatly trimmed greens and fairways.

Caledonian Canal

You won’t find many golf courses immediately on the banks of the lochs and canals. But in each end of the Caledonian Canal you’ll find reason to bring out the clubs. In Fort William you can take a short trip to Fort William Golf Club. In Inverness you’ll pass right by the courses of Kings Golf Club.


Whether you float along the Forth & Clyde Canal towards Glasgow or The Union Canal towards Edinburgh you’ll see golf courses going all the way to the bank of the canal. I.e. Ruchill Golf Course (Forth & Clyde Canal) or Linlithgow Golf Club (The Union Canal).

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