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Welcome to Scotland

Sailing in the Highlands is a true paradise for nature lovers. Wonderful vistas and unspoiled nature.

Welcome to the magical highlands of Scotland. Here you travel through a land of mountains, lakes and deep valleys, surrounded by endless green widths and heather-clad hills.

Put the boat at the dock next to old buildings or at a cosy Scottish pub where locals and visiting sailors meet in an enjoyable and warm atmosphere, and where a dram of local pure malt whiskey warms the soul. Many cycling and walking paths along the canals are ideal for a ride on a mountain bike or a little exercise on foot. In Scotland, we offer two completely different sailing areas where the landscapes and towns along the route and the boat types each have their own character.

Caledonian Canal

Caledonian Canal runs across northern Scotland's many lakes such as Loch Ness and connects Scotland's east coast at Inverness with Fort William on the west coast.

You and your family or friends can start from our base in Laggan in a modern riverboat from Le Boat.


Edinburgh and Glasgow are connected by the channels Forth & Clyde and the Union Canal. Your boating holiday can start from our base in Falkirk in a classic narrowboat.

This is England's most modern fleet of comfortable narrow boats, built according to ancient and proud traditions.


Experience two very different areas in Scotland

We offer boating holidays in two different areas of Scotland.

Caledonian Canal

Surrounded by breathtaking beautiful hillsides - the Caledonian Canal connects the highland capital of Inverness on the east coast with Fort William on the west coast. The ruins of Urquhart Castle towers high above Loch Ness - can you stop yourself from looking for Nessie the monster?


  • Fantastic scenery and views - on the whole voyage on Caledonian Channel
  • A train ride with the West Highland Railway - a must for all Harry Potter fans
  • Learn Highlands culture to know in the picturesque village of Fort Augustus
  • Amazing mountain biking
  • Salmon fishing, dolphin watching and watching for the Loch Ness monster Nessy
  • Purchase of a kilt Inverness
  • A railway ride to the top of Ben Nevis for a unique view


The sailing area in this part of Scotland is varied and offers something for everyone - nature is beautiful and relaxing, and you'll find both small charming villages, including a rich selection of cosy pubs, and access to the metropolises of Edinburgh and Glasgow.


  • Edinburgh Quay
  • Linlithgow Palace
  • Almond Aqueduct
  • Falkirk Wheel
  • Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum in Glasgow

About Boating Holidays in Scotland - Practical Tips

ASailing in the Highlands is a true paradise for nature lovers. Wonderful vistas and unspoiled nature. Stunningly beautiful hillsides and deep lakes. Peaceful and unique. Much of your time will be spent on the many lakes or lochs that lie along the Great Glen - a geological line that has shaped the region's beautiful landscape. The highlands are unique, and here you can see castles and quiet villages by the water's edge, not to mention friendly pubs and the sound of bagpipes

Caledonian Canal connects the North Atlantic and the North Sea - the 100-mile-long passage running from Loch Linnhe to the Moray Firth. The area offers only short sections of channels - and in total there are 29 locks here. In most races, you only have to navigate through 10 locks (remember to be worn life jackets when passing a lock).


The chart is on the boat - you should also ask the office for advice.


The markings must be followed - see map aboard.

As you sail up the Caledonian Canal (at Inverness), the red markings must be on the left side of the boat and the green on the right side of the boat.

When you sail towards Fort William - keep the red on the right side and green on the left side. Stick to the sailing path, on the map indicated by -------- to avoid getting into the shallows.

The maps of sail area are marked with shallow areas (this is shaded on the map) and buoys to mark the recommended routes or symbols of stones and rocks that you have to take care of.


Life jackets should be worn on the larger lakes where the wind can blow up, and always when aboard the dinghy.


The locks are operated by a lockmaster. Normally open 8:00 to 18:00 during high season, sometimes with a shorter lunch break. Lock fees are included in the rental price.

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