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Boating Holidays in Falkirk

The sailing area in this part of Scotland is varied and offers something for everyone - nature is beautiful and relaxing, and you'll find both small charming villages, including a rich selection of cosy pubs, and access to the metropolises of Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Besides, it is easy to get to the base in Falkirk, when flying into Edinburgh.



Sailing opportunities

Depending on the length of your holiday and your desires - you can choose from several exciting sailing routes:

The Glasgow route follows the Forth & Clyde Canal with seven locks each way. It winds through idyllic countryside, in several swing bridges and past the villages Auchinstarry and Kirkintilloch, who is said to have more churches than pubs. Glasgow with fine shopping and the historic Cathedral is the target of this holiday itinerary.

The Edinburgh route follows the Union Canal. First past the popular The Union Inn, then navigate through three locks and then experience lock-free sailing past the famous Linlithgow Palace where Mary Queen of Scots was born. It is an exciting experience to sail on top of the beautiful Almond Aqueduct's high stone arches - and from there will also soon be able to see Edinburgh Castle on the horizon.


When sailing west on the Forth & Clyde Canal from the base in Falkirk towards Glasgow you will reach the small village of Bonnybridge after a short trip. Here you can relish in the idyllic Scottish village life where the locals willingly share many stories on the pubs. And you might want to prepare yourself for some quite extraordinary stories. Ever since a man named James Walker in 1992 reported having seen a UFO on a road trip from Falkirk to Bonnybridge the reported sightings of UFOs have escalated in the area. The Scottish government allegedly receives more than 300 reports of UFO sightings from Bonnybridge every year. So maybe you ought to keep a close eye on the sky above when sailing in this area.   
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Falkirk (ABC Boat Hire)

ABC Boat Hire - Explore the lowlands of Scotland with easy cruising and very few locks and experience the incredible Falkirk Wheel, linking the Union Canal and the Forth and Clyde Canal.
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Falkirk (Black Prince)

Black Prince Base - Our base is beautifully located by the Falkirk Wheel and it's ideally placed between Edinburgh and Glasgow. 
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