Experience the great kindness and diversity of Canada!

Seatravel now offers riverboat trips to Canada! Experience the world-famous kindness of the Canadians, and explore the country known for its cultural diversity, the intriguing meeting between the French and English-speaking populations, the production of the sweet maple syrup, and the breath-taking scenery.

Want to be impressed? Experience Canada from a riverboat with departure from our base in Smiths Falls. Your trip begins here – sail down the Rideau Canal, which has been selected a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Get the best of all our European destinations! when visiting our Canadian base in Smiths Falls. Get the feel of the French canals, the beautiful lakes of Ireland and the Netherlands, and dramatic scenery - the diverse nature of Canada got it all!

Are you into active holidays?Canada sets the perfect frame for exploring the hilly terrains or enjoying the picturesque lakes and breath-taking plains. The nature of Canada offers a wide range of activities such as hiking, kayaking, fishing, and many other active ways of spending your holiday near the Rideau Canal. Whether you are a keen cyclist or a recreational cyclist interested in a little getaway there will be plenty of opportunities to explore the area from a bike.

A hike in Ontario’s Highlands is a unique experience you should not miss. Ontario’s Highland makes a great impression with a hilly terrain - an impressing contrast to the quiet and endless lakes near Kingston and The Great Waterway. Ontario’s Highlands is the perfect destination for a different getaway.

The capital, Ottawa, is a cosmopolitan city with great shopping streets and opportunities for excellent culinary breaks. Take the riverboat into the city of Ottawa. Canals run right through the city centre which enables you to walk directly from the boat and into the streets of the big city.

Canada’s ethnocultural diversity and vibrant cultural scene make a riverboat trip to Canada something out of the ordinary. While the Canadian nature shows great diversity, the Canadian cities along the Rideau Canal offer a whole buffet of cultural attractions, museums, and galleries of international scope – and let us not forget the famous festivals of Ottawa! Both French and English will be spoken in the streets, and even though most of the population speaks English as their main language, the French Canadians have cherished and maintained their French cultural heritage throughout time.

The charming towns in the near area of the Rideau Canal are great for a day trip. The villages abound with small manufacturers and microbreweries. Forfar Cheese Factory in Ontario is worth a visit, especially if you feel like trying some of the delicious locally produced cheeses. A visit to Wheelers Maple Sugar Camp, a manufacturer of the well-known Canadian maple syrup, is almost mandatory when visiting Canada!

Merrickville – nicknamed ‘the Jewel of the Rideau’ – has officially been awarded the most beautiful city of Canada. The city is a must-see to those who are interested in locally produced food and drinks and traditional craftsmanship. The charming city has also become well-known for its community of local manufacturers.


Riverboat and highlights along Rideau Canal

Rideau Canal

Rideau Canal is formed by lakes and rivers connected by canals. The canals make up less than 10% of the Rideau Canal. The area of the Rideau Canal has been selected a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and stretches an impressing 202 km from Ottawa to Kingston.

Highlights along Rideau Canal: 

  • Smiths Fall
  • Museum and working mill at Watson's Mill in Manotick
  • Wine tasting at Scheuermann vineyard in Westport
  • The highlands of Ontario
  • Merrickville, the most beautiful village in all of Canada

Practical information about sailing in Canada

Here you’ll get an overview of the practical information that is nice to know when going on a boating holiday in Canada.


The locks on Canal Rideau are both fun and easy to operate. The locks are operated the traditional way – manually by 3-4 lock keepers. Not only will the locks be easy to operate, but they will also become a fun part of your riverboat trip.

When approaching a lock or swing bridge, the lock staff will normally see you. However, if they don't, the signal to request to enter the lock or have the bridge opened is three long blasts of five seconds duration from your horn.


Rideau Canal offers various opportunities for you to put the boat at dock at one of the local marinas (Portland, Seeley’s Bay, Perth, and Westport). You will be charged an obligatory fee permitting you to dock at the local marinas. Note that the mooring berths can be occupied and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Fuel, water & waste

When boarding your boat in Canada you’ll have enough fuel on board to last you for 60 plus hours of cruising. If you are on an extended vacation and you need to fill up, you can get fuel at a Le Boat Base.

It is always good to top up your water tank when you can. The freshwater tank gauge will show you how much water you have left on board. You can fill up your freshwater tank at select moorings along the canal for a small fee.

Waste from your trip is collected in a tank aboard your boat. This tank needs to be emptied at regular intervals, which can be done at select moorings along the canal.

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