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Approximately 150 miles from the Florida coast, in the heart of the Bahamas, you'll find the isolated and magnificent Abacos Islands - a network of both inhabited and uninhabited islands and islets with stunning coral reefs surrounding them. Here you will find delicious white sandy beaches and picturesque islands with interesting shops and casual restaurants, serving delicious food from the sea.

The waters between the islands are protected and the passages are short - a yacht charter here is a very family friendly choice.

The Abaco Islands & Nassau

The Abaco Islands & Nassau

Yacht Charter in the Bahamas - The Abaco Islands The residents on the many islands of the Abaco Islands are relaxed and friendly, the coral reefs are beautiful and the coves are isolated and peaceful - all of which can be enjoyed on a sailing holiday in the Abacos - but as you will notice, there is so much more to enjoy while sailing here. Sailing in protected waters near the reefs Cosy villages of Hope Town and Man-O-War Cay Beautiful beaches at Treasure Cay Awesome fishing, diving and snorkelling Good flight connections An exciting range of museums, beach bars and good restaurants The Bahamas are located east of Florida and north of Cuba - and in contrast to the Caribbean islands, which were formed by ancient volcanic mountain ranges; the Bahamas is located on top of two underwater banks that rise from the Atlantic Ocean. Therefore, the Bahamas are low and relatively flat. Here you will find a multitude of small islands fringed by coral reefs with exciting wildlife. The Great Abaco Island is located in the Little Bahama Bank - and the area offers a myriad of idyllic and exciting islands - perfect for a family holiday. The trade winds blow over the tranquil turquoise waters - which is well protected from the ocean. Marinas, scenic anchorages, tranquil islands, historical sites, lively beach bars, luxury resorts, great snorkelling and diving and, not least, the relaxed sailing – these are just some of the pleasures of a sailing holiday in the Bahamas. Another advantage is the convenient flight connections from the major American airports. Sailing in the Bahamas and the Abacos A holiday aboard a rented sailboat in the Bahamas means relaxation and warm winds, blue water and spectacular scenery. The wind is usually between 5-20 knots. They are rarely stronger unless a powerful wind is blowing from the north in the winter months. The wind direction is east to southeast during the summer and more northeasterly in winter. The Abaco Sea is usually calm, the passages are short and navigation is mostly conducted with by rule of thumb - however, the waters are quite shallow, so it is very important to watch the chart and plan according to the tides - which can be up to three feet when it's a full moon.This part of the Bahamas is perfect for the inexperienced sailor or the family with small children. But it is also an area, which the experienced and well-travelled sailor wants to return to. The daily temperature ranges between 24 °C in January and 35 °C in August. The daily temperatures from December to February can be as low as 15 °C. Highlights Gentle trade winds, stress-free sailing, great snorkelling, miles of secluded beaches, plenty of modern marinas, cosy villages and towns, and a friendly population – these are the ingredients that make up a sailing holiday in the Bahamas. This sailing area is large, but most sailors believe that the Central Abaco, north and south of Marsh Harbour, which is the base for boat rentals, provide the best sailing in the area.
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Sailing in the Bahamas – Practical Tips

Passport / visa

The Bahamas is visa-free for up to 90 days and the stay can be extended locally. Your passport must be valid for six months beyond the duration of your stay. See this link for updated info


Since virtually everything has to be shipped and cleared through customs, the price level is not lower than in DK. No food (meat and fruit) may be brought in - it is confiscated to keep the island disease-free. Be a little ahead of the curve with provisioning, as you are too prone. Shopping opportunities are limited in many places


You can walk fairly close to the coast - however, be aware of the delicate corals.


Sailing in the Bahamas offers relaxed sailing at sights - and short passages between well-protected anchorages. The tidal difference is up to 1.3 meters - and skippers must be aware of shallow areas. The Bahamas is a family-friendly destination suitable for sailors with basic skills and previous sailing experience.

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