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The Maldive Islands

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The magnificent Maldives are found at the equator, a little south-west of Sri Lanka, in the exotic Indian Ocean. The archipelago consists of 1190 coral islands that are grouped into 26 major atolls. The Maldive Islands stretch 820 km from north to south and 120 kilometres from east to west. Only 202 of the 1190 islands are inhabited, and 87 islands out of these are exclusive resort islands.

The origins of the Maldive Islands are long forgotten - but the history books reveal that the islands have been inhabited for more than 3000 years. The earliest settlers were travellers on the Silk Road and were originally from the Indus Valley Civilization. With a climate that is always warm and locals with natural hospitality – it is not hard to feel comfortable and relaxed on a sailing holiday in the Maldives.

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