Yacht Charter in the Seychelles and Mahé

The remote and pristine Seychelles are the jewels of the Indian Ocean - famous all over the world as a must-see destination for sailors. Almost half of this tiny island nation, located about 1600 km off the coast of East Africa, is made up of protected natural parks that help to preserve the beauty of the white sandy beaches, the teeming life of coral reefs and small uninhabited palm islands, which are home to rare species of birds. Here you will find the most photographed beach in the world: Anse Source d'Argent – with its pink sand, it is one of the reasons why Seychelles have been elected to have the most beautiful beaches in the world by the National Geographic Society.

A holiday aboard a sailboat in Seychelles offers incredibly beautiful secluded anchorages, impressive open water passages, stunning beaches, modern resorts and casinos in Mahé - and picturesque villages where ox-drawn carts are a common sight.

  • Historic Victoria Town
  • The Bird Park on Cousin Island
  • St. Anne Marine National Park
  • Giant Tortoises and rare birds
  • Sightseeing flights from La Digue Island

Mahé and Praslin

Mahé and Praslin

Sailing in Mahé and Praslin Seychelles is located in a warm and relatively quiet part of the Indian Ocean - and covers approximately 3900 square kilometres. On a yacht charter here, you will sail between the inner islands - mainly between Mahé and Praslin, which are located relatively close to each other, making the passages between them easy and convenient. In this part of the world, the annual monsoon affects the weather and wind direction. The north-west monsoon season begins in November and creates north-west winds. There is more rain in this period compared the months of May to October - when the wind shifts more to the south-east from early April. Regardless of the season, the wind speed will usually be between 10 and 20 knots, and the temperature varies between 28 °C and 30 °C. Wind-driven currents change direction with seasonal winds and typically have a speed of just around a knot. However, in for example the narrow channels between the islands, currents can be very strong. The tidal range is from 4.5 to 5.9 feet. Like the wind-driven currents, tidal currents can be strong in narrow channels. A sailing holiday in Seychelles is within reach for sailors with basic skills in coastal navigation. Highlights of Mahé and Praslin A sailing holiday in Mahé and Praslin in Seychelles unfolds in an exotic and undisturbed part of the world - which makes the islands appealing to many sailors. Small secluded coves surrounded by majestic palms and the pristine white sandy beaches can be found on most of the islands - and just off the coast is breathtaking coral reefs in brown, orange, green and blue colours. Half the area of Seychelles is a natural park, created to protect the rare birds - the Seychelles nightingale, the black parrot and fruit pigeon, just to name a few. Giant Tortoises that are endemic to Seychelles and the Galapagos Islands can be seen sunbathing on the beaches. The number of natural wonders here is enough to make any sailing holiday in Seychelles a memorable trip. Beach Resorts, shops and fine restaurants can be found on several of the inner islands and add a touch of luxury to your experience of Seychelles.
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Sailing in the Seychelles - Practical Tips


Usually not a requirement. Hepatitis A (liver inflammation / jaundice) and tetanus could be relevant. Malaria and yellow fever do not currently occur. If you have been in areas with yellow fever, a vaccination certificate against yellow fever is required upon arrival.

See the latest news and recommendations at www.vaccination.dk


Since virtually everything has to be shipped in, the price level is higher than in DK. No food (meat and fruit) may be brought in - it is confiscated to keep the island free of disease. Typically, you will lie too far in the Seychelles - supplies are not always sufficient all around. Provisions always for a few days.

National Park Waters

An "Entry Fee" is paid to moor at or go ashore on certain islands in National Park Waters. Anchor buoys in these protected areas must be used. The corals are in a special class, and all waste is collected in the plastic bags provided. In changing wind conditions, there may be some surf when you have to land with the dinghy. So take a solid, resealable plastic bag / bag for the photo equipment and possibly change clothes.


There will be certain areas, bays and islands that cannot or must not be sailed. This information is given during the briefing for the individual sailing areas, and is also described in the manual on board. Only the "Inner Islands" may be sailed without a hired skipper.


The power supply in the hotels is 13 amp. with an English 3-pin plug. Remember an adapter plug.

Anchorage and tides

You can walk fairly close to the coast - but be aware of the corals. The sea urchins are big, black and beautiful - but have some ugly spikes. Should the accident happen, vinegar or lemon juice will neutralize the sting. Many coral reefs with their amazing animal and fish life have been destroyed by sailors with a trailing anchor chain! Use buoys where possible.

Take into account the 1-2 meter tide difference and the resulting current. There can be 1.5-4 knots of current - especially in narrow passages - pay special attention to the children while swimming, and hang out a line with a fender for safety.


In some places there are buoys = "Day Time Moorings", which may only be used during the day when anchoring/diving in protected coral areas. Buoys are laid out NW of Mahé, NE of Praslin and at certain islands.


Must be used on the boat and not on the beach. Remember charcoal.


Fishing with a harpoon (speargun) is not allowed.

Passport / visa

No visa requirements for Scandinavians. Passport must be valid for at least 6 months after departure from the Seychelles. Check at www.um.dk


Many restaurants serve a buffet of Creole dishes with everything from chicken curry to baked parrot fish - exciting and good. Typically, you are welcome to eat at the restaurants in the hotels. Many are located directly on the beach behind the palm trees.


You can buy batik prints, woodcarvers, handicrafts and exotic spices. Beach shells and corals are sold, but are prohibited from being imported into Denmark.

The beaches

Where you anchor for swimming and snorkeling are picturesque and unspoiled. The water is crystal clear with a brightly colored fish universe surrounded by frigatebirds and sea turtles.

Weather and wind

The climate is tropical with 25-35 °C all year round. The islands lie outside the Cyclone belt. Warmest in March/April and coolest in July/August. Occasionally short-lived heavy downpours - especially at night. Suitable for sailing all year round with wind speeds of 2-5 m/s.

From May to September, the SE monsoon blows a little stronger, 5-10 m/s with swells on this side of the islands.

From December-February the slightly wetter NW monsoon.

Holiday tips

A tour of Mahé along the coast, up over the mountains, visiting a Plantation House, a tea plantation, model boat building or local art gallery / workshop is a nice experience before the plane goes home. In Victoria on Mahé there are several buildings worth seeing, e.g. a Hindu temple as well as several beautifully preserved colonial buildings that are now used as administration, library and museum. Also visit Victoria's brightly colored market with fish, vegetables, spices and handicrafts or the "Botanical Gardens", a beautiful experience with a colossal growth of old trees and flowering plants of so-called endemic species - that is, they do not grow anywhere else in the world. In addition, a rich birdlife and bats. On Praslin, the “Vallée de Mai” national park is an experience. Take a taxi from the port town of Baie St. Anne, where you can lie for a while in the pool, and wander around for a few hours in this old primeval forest/jungle with, among other things, 30 kg Coco de Mère nuts. Remember, you drive on the left in the Seychelles.


Money, valuables, passports etc. should be carried on you when you travel around or disembark from the boat. Unlock the boat - also when it is too swaying, and you take the dinghy ashore. However, it must be said that the Seychellois are a friendly and peaceful people, and crime is rare in such a small island community.

A paradise island kingdom

Approx. 115 islands of volcanic or coralline origin. On an 8-10 day sailing trip you will, among other things, come to tropically lush mountain islands, such as Praslin and La Digue with sculptural rounded granite colossi lying like whales on the pearly white beach. They form part of "The Inner Islands". Rent a bicycle or oxcart for sightseeing. The more distant outer islands "The Outer Islands" are built up as coral atolls surrounded by lagoons and protective coral reefs. The sailing area is limited to the "Inner Islands".

The rainforest On the island of Praslin you should stroll through the "Vallée de Mai", which is a 250 million. year-old rainforest - a whole Jurassic Park with large, heavy coconuts, as well as an animal and plant life that can only be found in this one place in the world.

The Creoles The inhabitants are hospitable, friendly and welcoming with a relaxed lifestyle. The local music and dance are stimulating and create a wonderful atmosphere for everyone. The main language is Creole French, but English is also often spoken.

Nature The population cares for their nature. They absolutely do not want mass tourism. Large areas are protected in National Parks, so the beaches and corals are protected from abuse and pollution. On certain islands, a landing fee is paid for access to paradise.

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