Your Yacht Charter in Croatia

With an Adriatic coastline of about 1700 km and a string of more than 700 gorgeous islands in an emerald sea - the Croatian archipelago is a paradise for yachtsmen.

You will usually encounter mild winds, short sailing distances between charming harbours and enchanting bays - and perhaps enjoy a siesta under the bimini and experience snorkelling in the clear water. The mountains of the mainland tower in the horizon - and the sea is deep and crystal clear for easy navigation. Everywhere you will find a friendly and service-minded atmosphere.

Which sailing certificates are required for renting a boat in Croatia?

Croatia is the country in the world which has the strictest requirements for which sailing certificates to have when applying for a boat. You must at least have a certificate of Boatman's Proof in navigation and an SRC/VHF certificate (radio-certificate) to rent a sailboat in Croatia. If you do not have an SRC/VHF certificate, we have the ability with some of our partners to obtain an exemption for this requirement, but we will able to offer you a much larger range of sailboats and you also get a better price if you have a VHF certificate

You can sail in three different areas in Croatia: Pula, Split and Dubrovnik.

Croatia also offers ample opportunity for flotilla sailing – you are welcome to ask for more information about flotillas.

Zadar & Biograd (Northern Croatia)

Zadar & Biograd (Northern Croatia)

Yacht Charter from northern Croatia - Biograd & Zadar The Adriatic coast and its clear calm water, mild summer climate, idyllic villages and historic towns - a magnificent sailing area, which makes Croatia one of the best destinations for sailors. The marvellous coastline is sheltered by a series of 700 islands, with numerous anchorages and ports to fit the temper of every type of sailor. You can find lonely and romantic anchorages or be part of the local daily life in the country's cosy harbours and modern, well-equipped marinas. Magnificent nature has provided this abundant and diverse country with peaceful coves, beaches, mountains, evergreen groves and narrow passages between islands and the possibility of open sea stretches - which has the cleanest and clearest water you can imagine. The magnificent sailing area in the region around Zadar offers the best of Croatia and combines remote islands, beautiful bays and energetic cities with a fascinating cultural heritage. Departure: Most of our guests sail from Biograd, Zadar or Sukosan. All of these marinas are minutes from Zadar International Airport. Sailboat & catamaran charters in northern Croatia Enjoy both short passages in protected water, as well as long trips in steady winds. Northern Croatia offers: Perfect sailing conditions Rich cultural heritage Busy cities Uninhabited islands - Kornati National Park Secluded bays The best time to sail is from April to October. In May and June, the strength of the wind is light to moderate, while July and August are characterized by calm weather - perfect for those who prefer a quiet atmosphere. The wind mainly comes from the west, but later in the year, usually in late September, the region is in periods affected by the strong Bora wind from the north, and sirocco-wind (moist wind from east-southeast). The area has a tidal range of 1-2 meters, and the normal temperature in the sailing season is 27°C.
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Split, Trogir & Kastela (Central Croatia)

Split, Trogir & Kastela (Central Croatia)

Yacht charter in Central Croatia (Split, Trogir and Kastéla) The Croatian Adriatic Sea is famous for its crystal-clear waters - perhaps the most pristine in the Mediterranean. Along the Croatian coast visiting sailors can encounter more than 1,000 charming and beautiful islands - and the Dalmatian Islands near Split are some of the most famous and popular destinations for yacht charterers. Some of the islands are large and covered in forest with centuries-old historic towns, castles and fortresses on hills and charming shops and excellent restaurants. Other islands are wild, isolated and uninhabited - all have beautiful anchorages. Another highlight on a sailing holiday in the area is the opportunity to explore the historic cities of Split, Primosten and Trogir. Departure: Our guests usually sail from Trogir, Kastela or Split. The marinas are very close to Split International Airport, which makes for a convenient transfer. Sailboat and Catamaran boating in Central Croatia (Split) Wild, surrounded by turquoise blue water and with a rough appearance, many islands are protected as national parks - and make a beautifully varied and diverse area for sailing. The voyage is very picturesque and can include both long and short passages to charming anchorages between rocky islets, or by ancient villages shrouded in history and surrounded by the clearest water you can imagine. A boating holiday to central Croatia tends to focus on the more than 30 islands on the central Dalmatian coast near the city of Split - including beautiful Solta, Hvar and Brac. Kornati National Park, with its breathtaking barren landscape, lies to the north. The area offers so many large and small islands that it has been called a labyrinth of unsurpassed natural beauty. In May and June, the area is extremely welcoming with pleasant and mild winds at about 15 knots from the west. The area is, therefore, an ideal destination for a pleasant family holiday on the water. In July and August, the wind goes down even more - and the weather is mostly quiet. The high season runs from April to November, but in the fall you may encounter the Bora, a strong wind from the north. The tidal range is insignificant, never more than two feet - and sailors with basic skills in coastal navigation can sail in the area without any hassle or stress. In the sailing season, the average daily temperature is 23° C. Pristine beaches, a lively nightlife, lovely local food, secluded coves and fascinating historical sites, make a sailing holiday to Split an unforgettable experience. Highlights A voyage through central Dalmatia offers a wonderful mix of adventure in the area's beautiful scenery, white sandy beaches and lush vegetation as well as great cultural experiences in the charming and ancient cities and ports. Or escape to pristine anchorages, where you can enjoy the area's rich wildlife, far from crowds of people, bustling cities, shopping and restaurants - everything is possible here. Snorkelling is supreme, and a sailing holiday here is a journey into some of the most beautiful sailing areas in the Mediterranean. You will, among others, have the opportunity to experience: Gentle navigation Kornati National Park Split - a UNESCO world heritage city The islands of Hvar, Brač and Vis A mixture of quiet and more lively coves and bays Ancient and unforgettableTrogir
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Dubrovnik (Southern Croatia)

Dubrovnik (Southern Croatia)

Yacht Charter in Dubrovnik The Republic of Croatia is overlooking the spectacular Adriatic Sea - east of Italy. Slovenia and Hungary lie to the north and Serbia to the northeast, Bosnia and Herzegovina to the east, while the south-eastern end of Croatia shares a short stretch of border with Montenegro. Croatia's coastline is ca approx 1270 km and is characterized by a large number of bays and small islands - between Dubrovnik and Istria alone, there are 1185 large and small islands. Only 66 of them are inhabited, while many of the other islands are protected as national parks. The mainland and the islands altogether have 5820 km of beautiful and breathtaking coastline. This is one of the best places to sail on the planet. The most famous sailing areas are among the Dalmatian Islands, stretching from Dubrovnik to Zadar. A sailing holiday in the southern area around Dubrovnik provides access to a wealth of charming anchorages, rocky islets, ancient villages and the clearest blue water. There is also ample opportunity to visit the most exciting islands Mljet, Korčula and Lastovo - as well as the stunning harbours and inlets along the wild-looking Pelješac peninsula and the nearby Elaphiti Islands. Pristine sandy beaches, a lively nightlife, great food, secluded coves, fascinating historic sites and unspoiled natural beauty makes a sailing holiday in the southern area around Dubrovnik an unforgettable adventure. Departure: Most of our guests depart from the ACI Marina in Dubrovnik. Yacht & Catamaran sailing in Dubrovnik A sailing holiday in Dubrovnik on Croatia's Dalmatian coast is nothing less than a cruise through paradise. The passages between the anchorages are short, and there's plenty of time to enjoy all the pleasures of sailing and make interesting excursions ashore to explore and enjoy the local cuisine, or just sit and relax in a café with a drink and rejoice in all of Croatia's many delights. The sailing season runs from April to November, however, the best time to go is in May and June. In these months, the gentle and warm westerly winds are rarely stronger than 15 knots and make a sailing holiday in this area a very family friendly choice – especially for couples with young children or skippers with an inexperienced crew. During July and August, there are regularly calm periods, and breezes are likewise common. In autumn and winter, the stronger Bora wind can be blowing from the north. The tidal range is 1-2 feet, so you do not need to worry about tidal currents. A sailing holiday to the area around Dubrovnik is, therefore, fit for sailors with basic skills in coastal navigation. The normal temperature in the sailing season is 23 °C. Highlights The Dalmatian Islands is a wonderful place to explore, especially on board a graceful yacht. You'll find sandy beaches, ideal for swimming and snorkelling, cosy anchorages and picturesque harbours, where shops, restaurants and nightclubs blend stylishly with the medieval surroundings in the centuries-old cities. Open-air markets under an ancient castle’s looming walls are not unusual. You can also walk along the narrow streets of small towns that date back to the Middle Ages. The many uninhabited islands in these waters are home to large populations of wild animals - and sailing between them is a pure pleasure.
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Sunsail 47 Premier - 4 cab - Sunsail

Sunsail 47 Premier - 4 cab - Sunsail

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Sunsail 44i Premier - 4 cab - Sunsail

Sunsail 44i Premier - 4 cab - Sunsail

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Sunsail 41 Premier - 3 cab - Sunsail

Sunsail 41 Premier - 3 cab - Sunsail

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Sailing in Croatia – Practical Tips

Base info

The Croatian marinas are extremely efficient and have all modern facilities and a high level of service.

Navigation Permit

A so-called "Navigation Permit" = sailing permit is issued locally on the basis of the crewlists and papers sent to the base in advance. A fee is charged locally at the base for this permit per boat.

Tourist tax

In Croatia, a tourist tax is charged per person / day. The tax is collected at the base.


It is most pleasant to moor in small harbors or a berth among local boats and close to the square. Sometimes a fee is charged for lying too low. In return, they do a lot to keep the area protected and clean, and like to take waste ashore.


Along the Adriatic coast, the Croatian authorities have built some nice marinas with all modern facilities, called ACI marina. The port dues are somewhat more expensive than in e.g. Denmark - they cost between DKK 400-700. for one night depending on season and boat size. On the other hand, the service is high and the facilities in order. The harbormaster is happy to be ready with moorings and help you in place. Contact the harbor office yourself for payment. Sometimes they want to see the shipping papers that you brought from the charter base. In the office, the staff is very helpful. There is also a lot of useful information and weather reports for the coming days.


It will be a good idea to be at the forefront of provisions for a few days out in the island - especially bread. If you choose to set sail in the Kornati Islands national park, there are only a few options for provisions.


The local currency in Croatia is Kuna (HRK) 1 Kunar = 100 Lipa. Payment methods: Mastercard may be used. Visa cards are less common.


At marina offices, at the border as well as in banks and exchange offices, EURO can be exchanged for the official bank rate. Remember to save the bill of exchange - it is used in case of exchange after the end of the holiday (can only be exchanged in banks).

Weather and wind

Weather forecasts with weather maps are available in all ACI marinas. The wind typically comes from the NW, light to fresh wind 6-10 m/s. Most of the time, the wind is calm in the morning, which is why it is a good idea to start sailing early. At lunchtime the wind increases, then decreases again in the evening. When anchoring under high mountains, strong downwinds can occur - also at night. The wind is deflected by sea and land breezes. Therefore, it is normal for the wind to turn to the northeast when the sun sets. Take this into account when choosing anchorages.

The sailing area

In protected National Parks, a fee is charged per night. The amount goes to conservation and nature protection as well as waste collection.

• The Brioni Islands close to Pula.
• The Kornati Archipelago.
• The environment north of Dubrovnik.
• Fish farming: Markings on the chart in certain fjords.
• Military area: Markings in charts/plots must be respected unconditionally.

Holiday tips for Sailing holidays in Croatia

Pula/Veruda. To the south in the Kvarner Archipelago, countless green and lush islands with countless rocky coves with great opportunities for swimming at anchor. The islands consist of former maritime towns, farming communities, old monasteries and beautiful cities with bell towers.

The Kornati Archipelago. is a large and unique nature reserve worthy of preservation in the middle of the coast with dramatic, barren and deserted islands, fine diving and snorkelling experiences - few landing spots - with peaceful anchorage coves.

Zadar. The Dalmatian coast from Zadar southward consists of a myriad of islands, natural harbors and glorious anchor bays with short sailing distances.

Biograd. Old town centers in golden stone with tiled roofs in the Italian building style, and local life in squares and promenades. Sailing up the Sibenik Fjord to Skradin marina, and from there an excursion to the national park with the impressive Krka waterfalls.

Kremik. To the south, countless green and lush islands with old historic cities.

Split. Characterized by Venetian and Roman architecture. Here, the population lives and lives in the middle of the sights - square squares with polished marble stones and cozy outdoor cafes, or small village communities where life goes its quiet way with arable farming, viticulture and fishing. Several of the old cities such as Split with the remains of Emperor Diocletian's Palace in the middle of the old city center as well as Trogir and Primosten are today protected by UNESCO.

Dubrovnik. Farthest south lies the pearl above all - Dubrovnik, which is also protected by UNESCO. The marina is located a few km north of the city, deep in the mouth of the Ombla river, in beautiful natural surroundings. Since it is still not possible to anchor inside the old harbor under the city walls, Dubrovnik will be easiest to visit by bus or taxi (several times daily) for a day trip. The island to the north includes i.a. adorable Korcula (where Marco Polo was born).

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