Sail in France - a beautiful yacht charter

Rent a sailboat and sail along the French Mediterranean coast - which can easily be described as a very privileged region. The gentle climate, the beauty of the landscape, the many harbours - all in all, there are here next to perfect attractions and sailing conditions, and a yacht charter is a great way to experience it all.

The wind is rarely particularly strong during the season, the sea is generally calm, there are almost no tides or currents, the coast is safe, there are plenty of places to take shelter, and sailors mostly sail with landfall. Our base in Bormes is situated by the most beautiful sailing routes - and is the perfect starting point for cruises in the French Riviera.



Yacht Charter in Corsica Corsica is a beautiful island with long chalky white beaches, wild cliff coasts, majestic mountains on the horizon, cosy little villages and hospitable islanders. Many exciting experiences await you on a Mediterranean cruise around Corsica - you will be impressed by the breathtaking views, enchanted by the charming lagoons and, not least, enjoy the laid-back lifestyle of Corsica. Corsica lies between the French Riviera, Sardinia and Tuscany. During the summer months, rainfall is low and in summer, the average temperature is 28 degrees, making it an ideal destination for sailing holidays. The most prevailing winds are from southwest, west and northwest. Due to Corsica’s strategic position and beauty, the island's history is characterized by conflicts, in which Corsica has suffered numerous invasions, occupations and plunderings. Although the island's residents were often exposed to attacks, the Islanders fought for their homes and were incredibly resilient - it is an aspect of their culture that they are all proud of today. You can start your cruise from one of several bases in Corsica Ajaccio is located in southern Corsica and became "the capital" following Napoleon's recommendation (he is born in this city, so it probably has had a lot to do with it). The town has charming narrow streets and cosy restaurants. Propriano is located in the south west of Corsica and was established in the early 19th century. The harbour is well-attended and you will find plenty of life around here - the town also has many luxury shops, cafes and bars. Solenzara is located on Corsica's lush east coast, where the marina is the centre and you will experience a lively coastal town atmosphere. Here you will find incredibly beautiful sandy beaches, stretching both north and south. Here is also a large tourist centre with shops, cafes, bars and restaurants. Highlights of a cruise in Corsica The Scandola Nature Reserve is an incredibly beautiful area with small islands that stretch into the crystal clear sea. Here you will find hidden coves, white sandy beaches and sea caves. Girolata Bay is worth a visit - one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Both the Scandola Reserve and Girolata Bay are on UNESCO's World Heritage List. Calvi a city that sprays life and happy days during the summer especially around the city's marina. Here you can experience the popular citadel of the 1100s, which for several years protected the city from threats and attacks from outside. Several excellent spots for snorkelling and diving – from Calvi you can also go on a dive trip to the wreck of an American bomber from World War II. Golfe de Porto-Vecchio is the largest fjord with a marina and a beautiful bay of turquoise blue sea and many anchorages. Lavezzi, east of Bonifacio, is a mix of islands, islets and cliffs, which are 3 nautical miles and 2 nautical miles wide. It is a beautiful nature reserve that offers challenging navigation but also has many beautiful anchorages available.
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Sailing in France – Practical Tips

Base info

The French marinas and ports are very well-functioning and have new and modern facilities.


It is most pleasant to moor in small harbors or at berths together with the local boats and close to the cities' harbor promenades. Many ports are called by ferries, so a berth a block away from the ferry berth will be unsettled.


There are marinas of various sizes along the coast. Port fees are at a higher level than in Denmark. The port office can possibly be called in good time before arrival via VHF to be assigned a guest berth - which can be quite full, especially in the high season - Here it is necessary to call and book a place.


There is usually free sailing between Sardinia and Corsica (both are in the EU).


Be aware that most smaller shops hold a siesta for 2-3 hours in the middle of the day.

Weather and wind

Weather forecasts with weather maps are available at all marina offices - or call on the VHF radio. The wind is usually calm in the morning, which is why it is a good idea to set sail early. At lunchtime, the wind picks up, then drops off again in the evening. When anchoring under high mountains, strong downwinds can occur.

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