Yachting in Mallorca

Mallorca, part of the Balearic Islands, is one of Europe's most popular destinations for sailing - and there are plenty of good reasons why so many choose to rent a yacht here. Among other things, the clear blue sea around the islands, as well as the hundreds of beautiful and isolated beaches and coves that can only be achieved aboard a sailboat. Moreover, the Mallorcan cuisine is a great culinary experience.

You will be able to experience the beautiful sailing along the island's pristine northwest coast - with idyllic mountain villages, steep terraced slopes and fragrant lemon groves, almond trees and mimosas. In the middle of Palma de Mallorca's palm-covered coastal promenade, our base - convenient for one last night in the capital and a stroll in the beautiful old town around the cathedral.

The most suitable months for sailing are between May and October – and it is of course also during this period that the waters are most busy. You can also experience great calm weather in December and January.



Sailboat rentals in Mallorca and the Balearics The Balearic Islands are located in such a way that they form a Mediterranean front, which means the local winds are extraordinarily favourable for sailing. The conditions are usually only bad when other fronts dominate, which may occur during the winter months. The calm waters of the natural indentations, bays and calas (inlets), which are found anywhere on Mallorca's coastline, are ideal places to drop anchor. The ideal wind conditions allow inexperienced sailors to practice in a safe environment. In the sheltered bays, beginners can learn to sail without having to worry about the strong wind and threatening waves. During the summer months, thermal winds provide calm sea breezes from early morning to late afternoon. The many bays are well-protected and larger waves are kept away from the coast. However, some calas are more vulnerable than others. Puerto Pollenca is a popular destination for water sports such as kite-surfing. The wind by the coast of Mallorca is normally very reliable and summer winds provide a steady breeze throughout the day, perfect for yachting. Even in the winter months, there are bays in Mallorca that remain protected by the mountains - such as Puerto de Pollenҫa and Port d'Alcúdia. Larger vessels can handle the stronger winds further away from the coast and travel around Mallorca’s 554 km long coastline. In the winter months, the waters in the channel between Mallorca and Menorca can be relatively rough, and waves often hit the east coast of Mallorca. Highlights Mallorca is a part of the Balearic Islands, an archipelago full of contrasts - a cultural mosaic of past and present. Along the south-east coast, you will find deep calas (inlets) that are often only accessible from the sea, impressive caves and small villages where life passes on quietly. In livelier Alcúdia, Port de Sóller and Port d’Andratx, you can dock at atmospheric ports among local fishing boats.
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Sunsail 44i Premier - 4 cab - Sunsail

Sunsail 44i Premier - 4 cab - Sunsail

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Sunsail 44i Premier - 3 cab - Sunsail

Sunsail 44i Premier - 3 cab - Sunsail

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Sailing in Mallorca - Practical tips


There are many large and beautiful marinas with all modern facilities along the entire coast. On the northwest coast, however, there is only 1 protected harbor - the large natural harbor Puerto de Sollér. Port fees are somewhat higher than in Denmark. In the high season, it is recommended to call the marinas over the VHF radio to be assigned a place.


Sailing outside the Balearic Islands, which includes the islands of Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera, is only possible after further agreement with the base staff regarding the procedure for clearance and clearance, purchase of Transit log and insurance - and this takes time.

Cabrera Islands National Park
An application for sailing to this protected nature park area must be submitted no later than 1 month before arrival. The application applies to a specific date and a copy of the sailing license and a copy of the passport for everyone on board is attached. Only a limited number of permits are granted per day, so not everyone will be able to count on the application being honored, and you will only be notified when you arrive.


Many also lie too far in the deep fjords "Cala", especially on the south-east coast. Some places also pay for this.


There are shopping opportunities in the town of C'an Pastilla. It is closed during siesta and on Sundays.

Weather and wind

Weather forecasts are available at all marina offices. The wind is often light in the morning, increasing around lunch, then decreasing again during the evening. There are often onshore winds all around the island.

Holiday tips

In Mallorca there are experiences for the whole family.
Visit Palma's old town with its cathedral, winding alleys, beautiful historic buildings and museums. In the evening, after dark, the district comes alive with outdoor restaurants, live music and life in the streets. The exuberant energy that arises here is an experience in itself.
If you want to do something with land under your feet, then Mallorca is full of exceptional walking routes in the raw and untouched nature. Lace up your walking shoes and enjoy the beautiful landscape, the sound of the crunching gravel under the soles of your shoes and the warm, southern scents - it's a completely different experience than hiking at home in Scandinavia.
Should the shopping urge be satisfied, you will find a multitude of cozy harbor towns around the island. Go exploring in small, cozy shops and see the fine selection of clothes, jewelery and souvenirs. You can also visit the local markets, where you can stock up on the same stalls that the local restaurants buy their ingredients from.
All the way around the island you will find fantastic beaches - both large and popular as well as small and hidden - where you can snorkel and swim around among fish and other colorful life under the sea's surface.

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