Yacht charter in Montenegro - exotic, vibrant, and out of the ordinary!

Montenegro is rich in sandy beaches, adventures, and great seafood. The old town of Kotor – a UNESCO World Heritage Site – oozes with historical greatness and buzzing streets. It is not difficult to understand the reasons why Montenegro is a rising star as a destination for boating holidays; 250 days of sun, spectacular underwater wildlife, beautiful islands, the optimal conditions for water sports, and 5 national parks. Montenegro got it all!

72 km of sandy beaches lie in front of you upon your arrival at our new destination in Montenegro. There is more than 290 km of coastline, and the city of Herceg Novi welcomes you with beautiful pebble beaches and the clearest water in the Adriatic Sea! The nature and underwater wildlife of Montenegro are thriving and diverse. The clear water invites for snorkelling – dip into the water and explore the spectacular underwater life.

If you ever get tired of the picture-perfect beaches (as if…) Montenegro has much more to offer in the five national parks. High cliffs, caves, and rocky terraces are part of the landscapes of the national parks. Lovcen National Park is a great destination for hikers and adventurers, and a hidden gem waiting to be discovered.

River rafting along Tara River Canyon is a major attraction in this area and offers the best view of the grand river canyon. Tara River Canyon is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the longest river canyon in Montenegro, and the deepest of its kind in Europe. The conditions in Montenegro are great whether you are into fast adventures in Tara River Canyon or a nice swim at one of the many, great beaches.

If you are into seafood you have come to the right place; seafood is essential to Montenegrin food culture and the ocean overflows with lots of fantastic and delicious fish species. You will find plenty of seafood restaurants which will serve your fish as fresh as a fish can be. The restaurant might even let you point out the fish you want them to prepare for you.

The seafood is often accompanied by a bottle of the local wine. We recommend you try the black risotto (squid ink risotto), which has an interesting and pleasant approach to the Mediterranean classic! The risotto might look dangerous at first due to the black colour but is a very tasteful and traditional Montenegrin dish.

The traditional Montenegrin cuisine is often rich and tends to consist of meals based on cheese, buckwheat, potatoes, and some sort of meat (lamb, veal, smoked ham). The traditional meals are energy-packed and the Montenegrins love their meat grilled! Try the local cevapi (kebab) - a popular food choice among the younger population.

Do not miss out on a taste of the local produce; small, family-owned manufacturers produce olive oil, cheese, vegetables, etc., which they sell on the local food markets. Montenegro has a whole festival dedicated to the local producers, namely the annual Festival of Wine and Bleak (Virpazar) - a celebration of bleak, the local freshwater fish, local wine productions, and other produce from the near area.

Montenegro is booming with historical atmosphere - stroll down the cobblestoned of the medieval villages or visit the old monastery of Ostrog, frequently visited by pilgrims of all confessions. At the base of Lovcen Mountain lies the historic city of Cetinje. Cetinje is capital de jure and has the status as the Old Royal Capital of Montenegro. Although destroyed several times by the Turks, the city still stands with buildings dating from the 18th and 19th century.

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