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Yacht Charter in amazing Australia

Australia is the sixth largest country in the world - but also has the lowest population density. The favourable climate makes it a popular holiday destination all year round - in the winter, a holiday "down under" can both include skiing in the southern states and sailing in the warm water of the Whitsunday Islands near Queensland's famous Great Barrier Reef. The landscape is filled with as many contrasts as the weather - tropical rain forests, mountain ranges and vast deserts, with over seven thousands pristine beaches - creating endless opportunities for activities both on the water and ashore. The spectacular scenery is home to a wealth of animal and plant species – Australia can safely be called the perfect choice for nature lovers.

Navigation and sailing conditions are straightforward and make sailing in Australia and the Whitsunday Islands a great choice for families. Life beneath the surface of the water is extraordinary and offers supreme conditions for fantastic and unforgettable diving or snorkelling experiences.

A sailing holiday in Australia is an ideal way to experience the many and varied pleasures in the sailing area around the Whitsunday Islands. Here you can experience everything from breathtaking natural landscapes to luxury island resorts, secluded anchorages, the superb food, cosmopolitan shopping and, not least, the relaxed Australian mentality, which exists everywhere.

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