Sailing holiday in New Zealand

New Zealand is a unique destination for yacht charters. Swaying palm trees, lagoons with coral reefs, mountainous islands with lush rain forests, charming villages and a glittering turquoise sea - these are just some of the attractions that await you in the South Pacific and New Zealand. We offer sailboat rental from a unique and exciting destination in New Zealand - a vacation here will be an exotic adventure in a world far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Sailing in New Zealand and meeting the friendly local people is good for both your soul and health.

The Bay of Islands

The Bay of Islands

Sailboat rental in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand Each year, New Zealand receives a multitude of travel awards. It is not without reason that Lonely Planet has named the country as the world's premier vacation destination. New Zealand possesses an unparalleled beauty - the country is made up of the North Island and the South Island, with sub-tropical and temperate climates. Technically, New Zealand is a Southern Pacific nation, but the islands' location far south gives a different character than the island nations that are located closer to the equator. Snow covered mountains, green hills with grazing sheep, rocky coasts and larger islands make New Zealand into something special. To the east of the North Island, you will find the sailing paradise Bay Of Islands – a coastline of over 50 miles, protected by more than 80 islands with a wealth of beautiful anchorages, cosy towns and stunning beaches. Bay of Islands is one of the best sailing areas in New Zealand. Secluded, picturesque and with easy passages for sailboats, these beautiful islands and their many coves and bays are almost uninhabited except for a few historical towns and luxurious resorts. A sailing holiday here is an immersion in some of the world's finest nature, with swimming at isolated beaches, snorkelling and diving in crystal clear water, and of course, relaxation on board the ship under the stars. More than 80 islands waiting to be explored White sandy beaches of Moturua Island Protected Whangaroa Harbour and the waterfalls at Rere Bay Harvest fresh mussels at Oke Bay A sailing holiday in the Bay Of Islands is guaranteed to be an inspiring adventure for the whole family. Sailing the Bay of Islands, New Zealand A sailing holiday in the Bay of Islands is relaxing and easy. Most passages are short, and you have plenty of time to explore some of New Zealand's most beautiful places. Unlike other parts of the Pacific, the weather can be variable throughout the year, in the same way as wind direction and wind speed can be. Breeze directions can change from coming from land or the sea from day to day. Navigation is straightforward. The tidal range is approximately six feet. Strong currents can occur in narrow channels in some places, depending on the tide stage - but it's generally not a problem. In the summer of the Southern Hemisphere from November to April temperatures are between 24 °C and 30 °C. Highlights A sailing holiday in The Bay of Islands can include a host of entertaining activities. Sailing in the most sheltered waters between nature picturesque islands teeming with wildlife is just one of them. Dolphins, penguins, the endemic North Island robin, snapper, The Giant Kingfish mackerel, and many other species are just some of the animals you can see here. Some locations are superb dive sites, with a rocky bottom, caves or around wrecks. Snorkelling and swimming are also formidable here. Pristine sandy beaches, hiking trails that lead to spectacular lookouts, exciting historical locations, relaxed resorts, shopping and good restaurants in the small harbour towns, are just a few of the pleasures of a sailing holiday at the Bay of Islands. Your voyage will take you through a 50 miles stretch, which is one of the most scenic waters of New Zealand. The area is appropriately named - as the bay has more than 80 islands in sheltered waters and hundreds of quiet anchorages.
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Sejlads ved New Zealand - Praktiske Tips

Told & Immigration

 Alle besøgende til New Zealand skal være I besiddelse af et pas der er gyldigt I seks måneder efter den dato du planlægger at rejse hjem.

Etniske grupper i New Zealand

Europæiske, Maori, Asiatiske og Polynesere.


Drikkepenge forventes ikke.


På marinaen


I New Zealandske farvande, bruges det international A-system, og ikke B-systemet der bruges Caribien. Når du forlader havnen, skal de røde lygter være til styrbord og de grønne til bagbord (det modsatte af B-systemet).

Cruising Information

Det beskyttede farvand ved Bay Of Islands og den lette sejlads, gør at besøgende sejlere kan bruge hele området som deres egen store legeplads – og der er nem adgang til alle øerne, deres gangstier og strande.


New Zealand er generelt fri for smitsomme sygdomme.

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